I got the job!!!!

  1. I will be starting a new job within the next few weeks and although I have tons of nursing experience this role is new to me as a case manager. I am ordinarily organized and really good with time management but are there any tips you can give me on starting this new journey? One thing im specifically wondering about is a day planner type thing. I know i will have my phone but im still old school and want paper form because thats what im used to. Im thinking a monthly daily weekly type but also want a place for quick notes etc like when checking voicemails. Bonus points if its a zip or snap type closure Can you recommend one and any plus/minuses and also anything beyond the typical pens/pencils type stuff i may need and lastly any advice youre willing to give is greatly appreciated!
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  3. by   cosmicmama
    What kind of case management will you be doing? Inpatient?
  4. by   Onelove1075
    Its with a home care agency. Both hospice and skilled/vna services.
  5. by   TX.RN.Shannon
    I used a huge desk calendar to keep track of work stuff. I found it easier to look at meetings, conference calls, case conferences, recert/admit/discharges there. That way I could see the calendar while on my computer, talking on the phone, or talking in person in my office.

    Now, if you're gonna be out and about, I'm not so sure. I used a bigger organizer from Walmart. It did not snap closed but had yearly/monthly/daily calendars. I could write stuff on the dates (color-coded, of course!), then go to another page with more room to write out details or names or phone numbers.

    This may not help stall. I probably just missed what you were looking for. Sorry if it didn't help.
  6. by   Onelove1075
    Thank you. That actually helps a lot, hadnt even thought about a desk calendar. I did find a large calendar book (8x11) and i ended up getting a separate notebook for...notes Im going to have a binder with all the client info in it so i will use loose leaf filler paper notebook and file the pages in the main binder, if that makes sense. I like the idea of the desk calendar for a quick glance when I'm in the office. Thanks to everyone who read my question and to those who answered!
  7. by   lschultz777
    Yes on the calendar to keep track of your visits, the LPNs, PTS, OTS, ST, MSW, HHA and pt's md appointments. Communicate with the other disciplines and document your conversations. Good luck