I am going to try going independent...

  1. I resigned my present position in WC, and I feel like such a weight is off my shoulders!!!

    I signed a no compete clause, so I can't do biz w any of the present companies I am familiar with. But that is OK. A few adjusters are willing to write me letters of rec. One adjuster outright asked me to takeover her case as an independent. I told her, that would be too obvious, she would have to see if my old employer was willing to hire me as an independent. She said she would call today.

    I am now gathering names of companies I can market myself to, who do work comp biz in nj, and do not do biz w my company, which leaves precious few options. Meanwhile, for money, I am working per diem for VNA again.

    I am also thinking of marketing my skilled nursing hands on skills for non-homebound pt's who can private pay, OR offer CM services to elderly, ie attend their doc appt's w them when their family mbrs can't, and live far away or even close family e-mail updates, fill medi-planners, do labs, and even add footcare to the list when I get ,my orientation from Lois Jean.

    Meanwhile I have plenty of time to look for a steady in-hops CM job or a HMO-type telephonic job which is really what I want, but everyone is really afraid of my checkerboard resume, I've been a nursing gypsy. So I can get a foot in the door.

    Anyone have any thoughts? Obstacles I may face? How to get a 8-4 insur job w we's off and great pay despite job-hopping resume??

    Thanks folks!!
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  3. by   LasVegasRN
    Several suggestions:

    - Most hospitals need weekend UR nurses. You carry a pager and assist with patients with discharge needs, or follow-up on the anticipated weekend discharges from the regular UR staff.

    - Home health referrals: Some companies need a nurse to take referrals on the weekends that are referred by urgent care's, doctor's offices and emergency rooms. This doesn't mean you do the visits, it means you take the referrals and assign them out.

    Those are two off the top of my head. So many places are hurting for weekend staff members, you shouldn't have any problem getting on somewhere. The pitfall is sometimes you may feel dumped on, the upside is you are only there for 2 days. The real big plus is the varied experience will be a big plus for your marketability (is that a word? :chuckle ) AND you will know more of the inner workings of different places. I can't tell you how much a plus it is to know the inner workings of different insurance companies, facilities, and providers!

    I KNOW you will do spectacular as an independent. Don't be afraid to sell yourself, and get crackin' on setting up your website! Once you get far into it, you'll want to list yourself in the Case Management Resource Guide www.cmrg.com

    Good luck, sis!
  4. by   lynnintn
    I know that Gallagher-Bassett likes to hire independent contractors, but I don't know if they underwrite in NJ.
    I know someone in Dallas that subs out CM work; I'll email her and see if she wants you to send her a resume' if you'd like.
    Another idea which goes along well with CM is marketing yourself to attorneys; you can offer to organize medical records, set up IMEs, do file reviews and medical chronologies. Some firms already have RNs to do this but the smaller ones don't.
    Good luck!
  5. by   ryaninmtv

    There are a number of smaller TPAs that do not have exclusivity contracts with large CM vendors. Also, a lot of the larger shops will refer to independents if they have a relationship with the CM. I would check with the major TPAs- Gallagher Bassett, GAB, Frank Gates, etc and see if the are agreeable. To get in the door, you may need to discount your going rate but it may help you generate business. Good Luck!
  6. by   renerian
    To bad your not in Southern Ohio Hoolahan. Our company is looking at putting a rep there this year!

  7. by   yankeereb
    I would suggest you try Cigna. I have worked for them for 4 years, and they are now going thru major reorganization. I have decided to not stay with the company, but still think they are good to work for. It is quite chaotic right now, but I am sure there are still work from home positions(many East Coast areas). Just check out the Cigna website www.cigna.com to apply..good luck..