Humana Telephonic Nurse 2 advice?

  1. I was given an invitation as of yesterday to take part in the interview process for Telephonic Nurse 2 working with the military division. I need to call in and record my answers to questions. I don't know what the questions are yet. Any useful advice on the types of interview questions? Any advice you can share re salary, work load?
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  3. by   RocknRollYogaRn
    I went ahead and completed the interview questions. They were mostly about general questions like- do you have a designated office space and high speed internet, why do you want to work here, what is the minimum salary you would take, etc.? The only disqualifier is if you didn't have a case manager certification so apparently that is mandatory. I have one so I'm ok, but another question was asked if I had Milliman or Interqual experience, and I don't so who knows if I'll get a second interview. A FYI was they said that it could take 6-8 weeks to get a security clearance and the question was- Can you wait that long? Just wanted to share.
  4. by   Shortcake_BSn
    Thank you for the update. I live in Virginia and I applied for a couple of telephonic positions with Humana. I don't have my certification in Case Management, but my goal is to pursue my certification by the next texting quarter.
  5. by   Neats
    Usually the telephonic HR questions are very general. If you are looking for this sort of work (remote) try goggling Ameriben. Anyone want to PM me I can tell you all about this employee owned insurance company. I think we are great!
  6. by   Workitinurfava
    Is the position strictly on the phone or do you have to do some field stuff?

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