HELP! Job offer from Mckesson (disease management)

  1. Hello everyone,
    I had a phone interview and got a job offer from Mckesson (through a contract company) as a remote/work from home disease management nurse. It's 80% home based, 20% travel. I've been reading up on disease management ( is a great article) and searching through the allnurses archives to see what people have to say about disease management and Mckesson. I was supposed to decide COB today, but I asked if I could wait til Monday to make a decision.

    If you work in disease management what are the pros/cons?
    If you work/have worked for Mckesson, did you like it?
    Do you like working from home?

    Please pm me if you have any advise.

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  3. by   cynthiamc
    I was wondering if you accepted the job and could shed some insight.

  4. by   pshs_2000
    @cynthiamc, I pm'd you.
  5. by   cynthiamc
    Hi pshs_2000,
    I received your pm but unfortunately I can't pm you back because I have not had many post on the forum. I believe I have to have 15. Thanks for your insight and maybe when I hit my 15 post mile marker I'll pm back.

  6. by   crazyforthis
    I did the same job for the same company for several years...
  7. by   cynthiamc
    Did you enjoy it. Can you share your day to day routine. It's sounds like an interesting job.
  8. by   crazyforthis
    cynthiamc, not comfortable talking about it here. I will say that you would need to be prepared to account for every minute of your times on the phone. every minute, it's all about stats. you can pm me if you would like to
  9. by   cynthiamc
    I truly understand. This is a public forum. I haven't reached my 15 post mile marker yet. I will definitely pm you and pshs_2000 when I do.
  10. by   cclear2020
    WAH (work at home) nursing jobs offer as much flexibility as they do constraints. For phone based RN's your stats will be analyzed from every angle and if you were ever a call center customer service rep, the job is similar (talk time, hold time, non productive time). Feeling tied to your computer may not be a good fit for everyone, especially if you've enjoyed more walking and autonomy with a floor nursing job. That said, some WAH jobs with disease management will offer more travel time, which is good for the more social nurses. Just like the starter of this thread is doing, check in with others in the field to get their opinion. You may not know if it is a good fit until you try it. Don't be scared by other nurses opinions that are extreme "worst job ever", as well as those who say its the best. Floor nursing is totally different, though your critical thinking skills and symptom recognition and gut feelings are still very important.
  11. by   angel337
    i worked for mckesson doing disease management and it was not bad. you must first look at the is not bedside care so that means that you will be sitting for most of the time. this may seem great, but some nurses think they want to sit until they get the job. your calls are monitored which isnt a big deal because quality is the main reason for that. working from home is not foreveryone, you must be disciplined and organized. Patients don't have to talk to you which is a major part of this job because your stats depend on how many people you actually reach. DM is a little different for every company and some are better than others. Good luck in your decision.
  12. by   cynthiamc
    Hi angel337,
    Thanks for your reply. Unfortunately, I was not offered the job. They were looking for bilingual staff it seems (although this wasn't implied in the beginning). Maybe I need to invest in some Rosetta Stone .

  13. by   angel337
    try bcbs or humana they have case management and dm jobs and will train you.
  14. by   pshs_2000
    I'm glad this thread has gained a little traction. I hope other users find it helpful. I'm still a dm newbie but I've learned alot.