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:confused: I'm going to be taking the CCM Exam for the first time this Fall, and would like to hear from those who have taken it; i.e. what study materials (if any), did you find useful, and which... Read More

  1. by   armywifenurse
    My only recommendation when taking the test is to relax, read each questions carefully, eliminate those answers which could not possibly be correct, and then use your nursing judgement to determine which of the options left should be done first, are most important, etc...(based on hierchy of need). This is not a test that you can memorize everything for. It seems that you have done your share of studying, leave the rest in God's hands. I wish you luck.
  2. by   coreyc
    I take the exam on April 11th. I too am very nervous. I have heard so many different opinions about the difficulty of this test. Some say it is easy, some say it was the worst test ever. Each test is different too. I have been studying The Case Manager's Study Guide 3rd Edition. What is everyone else studying? Any others taking the test this week? Has anyone heard how this test has been so far? I don't know of anyone who takes it before I do?
  3. by   snoozie515
    just took the test last week. There are no medical questions on the test so don't waste your time reviewing medical info (like i did) mostly questions on rehab, urac, carf, HIPPA, ADA, hard -vs- soft savings. adolescent drug use/abuse. 2 questions on workers comp, 2 questions on medicare/medicaid, ethics was big. life care plan- know what will cost the most over a patients lifetime. let me know after you take it to see if you had similar questions in case i don't pass and have to take again. I used case manasgers study guide 3rd edition( not sure if it helped), online review class by PRIME(no help at all), flash vcards from morris media. hope this helps.
  4. by   coreyc
    Snoozie: Thanks for posting a reply. Wow...that helps relieve some tension. I will see if my test is similar. At this point will be glad when it is over. Did you think the answers were pretty obvious? Did they give you anything to say when we might get results?
  5. by   snoozie515
    there was always 2 answers that you could eliminate and then 2 that were close but there were no all of the above, none of the above or stuff like that. the answers were listed clearly u just have to pick the right one. as far as results i was told 6-8 weeks after april 19 so im thinking late may or early june. until then i am not going to stress over it. i was also told i would get an email that my results were posted on my dashboard but i think it will only say pass or fail and the actual scoring is mailed. i dont know why it still takes so long being its on computer.
  6. by   plynne
    Have less than 36 hour to exam and feel like I know nothing, keep reading about those who didn't pass by a few points. Keep reading the same things over and over and feel brain dead.
  7. by   cubbieblue99
    I just took the CCM exam yesterday and I'll be honest I don't know if I passed it or not. I wish I had stumbled upon this website before I took the exam for info on other study materials to prepare myself. I studied CM study guide 3rd edition by Fattorusso and Quinn and I don't think there was a single question from the book! I feel like i really wasted my time studying the book. I also studied flash cards that I copied from someone at work that she had just bought last year for the Dec exam. I don't know which company made them but they were very similiar to ques from the book. I didn't take a study course, maybe that would have helped me. I feel very disappointed b/c I spent a lot of time studying (maybe 2 months) and it didn't seem to pay off. There were alot of psych questions, life care plan question, about 3 drug type questions- 1/2 life stuff like that. You could eliminate 2 out fo the 4 ques for the most part but alot of times I thought both of the other 2 sounded so good, it was hard to choose. There were 180 questions, I think 5 may have been "test questions" to see if they are ones they want to use in the future (that's what I had heard from a girl at work) so I am wondering how many you can miss and still pass. Does anyone know? Well if I need to retake it, I will be using some of the other resources on here to study for the next one. I don't want to discourage anyone, I am just very disappointed. It wasn't what I expected at all.
  8. by   cubbieblue99
    Flashcards I mentioned in last post where from Morrison.

    Don't feel like they helped at all.
  9. by   toinette1953
    Well how did everyone do on the test this week? Hope and pray that you all passed!
  10. by   coreyc
    I took the CCM exam on Saturday 4/11. I felt ok coming out of the test. Then I decided to check up on some things we were tested on. I found at least 30 I got wrong for sure. I changed some answers...wrong thing to do. I know if I took it again I could pass it because I can see the mistakes I made. The worst part will be feeling less than intelligent. I don't see with this many I know I have wrong how I could possibly pass. Bummed for sure but now it is time to move on and do things differently next time. Wonder if I can take it in August or if I will have to wait until October?
  11. by   cubbieblue99
    coreyc, do you know how many you can miss to fail? I took it saturday too and don't feel like I did that well. I had "marked" at least 30-40 I wasn't sure of that some I probably got right and some wrong. Do you have to get a 70% to pass? Because then I think you can miss about 40 questions.. ? I had 180 questions on my test.
  12. by   coreyc
    cubbieblue, I am not sure what the "passing score" is because each test is different. They score each test a little differently depending on difficulty. I would think if you had 70-75% correct of the 150 that counted you would pass. It was hard to tell what questions might be the 30 "test" questiions. I don't think I will study next time. No amount of study could really prepare you for this test.
  13. by   plynne
    just got home from exam, feel like I never want to read anything about CM again, What is PASS, something about if a patient wants that and not SSDI or SSI...never read anything about it. Lots on behavioral and cm models, I know of several I missed, I hope I don't have to take it again, I don't know what else I would study. Thanks everyone for your info and good wishes..hopefully we all did better than we think.