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:confused: I'm going to be taking the CCM Exam for the first time this Fall, and would like to hear from those who have taken it; i.e. what study materials (if any), did you find useful, and which... Read More

  1. by   Superme0101
    Hello,, for those that took the CCM exam last April and passed as the preliminary result, have you received your certificate already in the mail?

  2. by   BahaMamamaRN
    I called today to inquire about the status of the results from the spring testing, the results will be on CCM Dashboard on 5/31. The wait is finally over.
  3. by   BahaMamamaRN
    I have checked the dashboard several times today results are not posted yet. Maybe the delay is due to recent update to the ccm dashboard
  4. by   Superme0101
    Anybody received their certificate yet for April takers? Does anybody know how long should i be tortured??? I took the exam Apr 26 and passed as the priliminary result but until now , no certificate rcvd yet...any ideas--any one? Thank you..!
  5. by   BahaMamamaRN
    On the CCM website and their Facebook page it states there is a delay, we will receive info in June. The wait is driving me nuts.
  6. by   BahaMamamaRN
    I finally received an email of congratulating me today. The dashboard is updated, I'm in the database. The email said pins and certificates wil be mailed the end of this week. Long wait, so happy its over. Did anyone else receive theirs yet?
  7. by   kerryr54
    I am preparing to start studying for the CCM exam and if anyone has any cd's/flashcards/study guides they would like to sell,
    please contact me. I might have a job offer in a hospital and one of the requirements is that I get certified within two years of employment.
  8. by   pbrewster
    I have the Secrets of the CCM Exam and the Data Chem disk I will sell 1/2 price, $165. Contact me at if interested.
  9. by   ToiRN
    I took the test this morning and preliminary results were PASS!!!. I studied the CMSA core curriculum and DataChem disc.
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  10. by   forbidden2know
    Was that test a hard test to take?
  11. by   ToiRN
    Quote from forbidden2know
    Was that test a hard test to take?

    It was not easy, but if you apply test taking strategies you should be fine!
  12. by   Ashleygirl
    Well, I take my exam on Wednesday, Aug 29th. I am nervous as crap to say the least. Any last minute crunch ideas for me to successfully pass this exam? How was it August testers? Have a great day all!
  13. by   ggabri07
    I took the CCM on 8/29 and got a preliminary PASS! I think if you give yourself enough time to study for the test- you will do fine. It is based on very general concepts in Case Management. Feel free to PM me for a consult if you have any questions!