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:confused: I'm going to be taking the CCM Exam for the first time this Fall, and would like to hear from those who have taken it; i.e. what study materials (if any), did you find useful, and which... Read More

  1. by   RNNYC78
    Hi everyone, I just took my CCM 10/29/2011. I know the date is werid. I was actually scheduled for 8/28 but Hurricane Irene was coming and Prometrics called and said all the testing centers were closed that day and I was allowed to rescheduled. Thank god, because I wasnt ready. Well, I passed!!! I used a few books and cd rom questions and it really helped me. if any one interested Ill sell them half off. The books really helped with me Pyschoscocial, vocational, disabilities, quality management, insurance, etc. Let me know if you are interested. The CD is great too, with 1000 questions and the test was actually easy than the CD.
  2. by   djgowen
    I am taking the CCM exam in December and I am vey nervous! Do you still have the book, "A Case Manager's Study Guide"? Please let me know.
  3. by   djgowen
    Congratulations on passing! I am taking the test in December. Yikes! What books do you have and how much do you want for them? Please let me know.
  4. by   RNNYC78
    Hi Djowen,
    what is your email address?
  5. by   djgowen
    My email address is
  6. by   HINU
    Just took the ccm exam today and failed disappointed :0(. I am going to take a day or two off and then hit the books. Any suggestions... I download the "the secrets to the ccm exam" and I also have a cd with 1000 questions.
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  7. by   RN0101
    Hello, everybody..I might be taking the CCM exam on April..if there is anybody out there that has CCM exam secrets book, Case Manager Study guide and Essentials in CM that they want to sell please email me @ . Thank you..
  8. by   ketse
    Passed in Dec. Used the Data Chem 1106 questions CCM exam secrets. Difficult test to study for. I think it is taking has many sample questions you can find.
  9. by   32196
    Has anyone recently taken the exam??? scheduled for april...not sure what to focus on...thanks.
  10. by   DPThomas
    I take the test today. I heave read many posts in this forum and decided to go with the info on the ccmc website and the booklet CCM Exam Secrets and the practice tests in both of those references. I will post my thoughts after taking the test. DPT
  11. by   DPTDC
    I took the test April 9 and at the end of the computer based test it said that I passed.... but wait 4-6 weeks for official notice and "until you receive official notice of your exam status, you may not represent that you are certified by CCMC or a CCM"
    So great and more waiting.
    I think I did good. Most of the questions are straightforward. I think I knew about 70%, about another 20% I narrowed down to 2 answers, then picked what I thought was best. The other 10% either I didn't know or I took educated guess. As I said in last post I used the CCMC website and printed out their definitions and took the practice test. I also purchased the book CCM Exam secrets and read that book and did their practice test. I studied about 5 hours a day for a week. Good luck. Any questions e-mail me at Cheers
  12. by   BahaMamamaRN
    I took the exam 4/27/12 I passed. I used i found the content extremely helpful in preparing me for the areas I had limited experiece in ie. Worker's Comp, Vocational Rehab, Disability and Disease management.My work experience is hospital & LTACH case management.
  13. by   pbrewster
    I took the CCM test on 4/28. Preliminary score said pass. Used the CCM Secrets and the DataChem CD with 1106 questions. Will sell them for 1/2 of what I paid. Let me know if interested. Good Luck!!