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:confused: I'm going to be taking the CCM Exam for the first time this Fall, and would like to hear from those who have taken it; i.e. what study materials (if any), did you find useful, and which... Read More

  1. by   Demi RN
    I agree. At first, i thought i was going to bomb. I prayed right before and ask for clarity and favor and guess what- It worked. I am still so happy, i don't know what to do.
  2. by   talia1169
    Well I took it a earlier today and PASSED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!and just about had a panic attack during the exam. It wasnt specific. Maybe 20 or 30 I knew right off and the rest was a quess which I hate doing. My test was just like Victorias' Very little on federal laws and hardly anything on Medicare and Medicaid which I knew frontwards and backwards. I felt like I over studied but dont know any other way to insure passing. I used everything.....Spent way to much money on materials. I used the Case Managers Handbook, CMSA's Core Curriculum, Certistep CD,Flash cards by Mometrix and went to CCM review course. The review course was by far the most beneficial. I will be selling the certistep CD,flashcards and Fattorusso if any body is interested. I also did Dr. Linton and scored in the 70-80's everyday and was discouraged but it was good practice. I really dont know how I passed but praised God that I did b/c the thought of retaking it just wasnt an option. Good Luck and Congrats to all of you guys..This site really helped me. Thanks for all the posts. Now I can enjoy the holidays!!!!clown:
  3. by   gmatrish
    to talia1169 and demi yipee you passed alot of faith right?????

    this site is so great!!!!!!!

    good luck to future is all worth it.....

    now lets go out and case manage yeah

    have blessed holidays to all and family
  4. by   beachyfe
    Hi everyone!

    I just found this site today after I got home from taking the CCM exam for the first time - and passing it!! I'm so happy and relieved. Finally I can get on with life and the holidays.

    I had the same experience (and test questions) as VictoriaRNCCM. I found it difficult to study for this test because CCMC makes it so vague. I took another nursing specialty certification exam back in 1994 that was much, much more difficult than the CCM exam was, but at least they told you exactly what and how to study for it.

    For this exam, I bought 2 very expensive books that someone told me to use, but I sort of skimmed over them because they were incredibly boring. And in the end, very little in them was on the exam. What I studied the most (and was absolutely the most helpful) was on the CCMC website. I used the Glossary of Terms and the Six Domains and Sub-domains. I did a word search on the Internet for each sub-domain (much good info was on Wikipedia) and learned all about what each area was about. The glossary of terms also helped me learn about areas I'm not familiar with. I didn't know much about insurance and Medicare/Medicaid because I do mainly health coaching.

    Best wishes to all of you who will take the exam this week. I'm so happy that they now tell you immediately if you pass or not. When I saw the PASS on the computer screen I got tears in my eyes and I cried tears of joy off and on all the way home and whenever I told a friend or family member. I guess I was stressed out way more than I realized.
  5. by   squeakywheel
    Just found and read all these fine posts. So I will be taking this on 12/17. Any hints on what to focus attention to? Are questions straight forward? How long did test take? How many questions? Does machine shut off if passed enough correctly? Does it tell you immediately that you passed? Can you use CCM immediately if that is the case? So many questions, so much anxiety....THANKS
  6. by   talia1169
    to Squeakywheel,
    Just look at the last several posts and all your questions should be answered. Good Luck!!!!!
  7. by   gmatrish
    to squeakwheel....hi...stay focused and have faith. the questions are very direct and in simple language same as the answer selections. keep in mind to stay member and family centered. that will help you. let your common sense lead you because i found the questions to be very direct and simple with answer using common sense deduction.

    I am sure you will do fine... good luck and thoughts and prayers with you !!!
  8. by   beachyfe
    Quote from squeakywheel
    Just found and read all these fine posts. So I will be taking this on 12/17. Any hints on what to focus attention to?
    I shared what I found helpful in studying in my previous post.

    Quote from squeakywheel
    Are questions straight forward?

    Quote from squeakywheel
    How long did test take?
    They give you 3 hrs.; I only had 13 min. left when I finished.

    Quote from squeakywheel
    How many questions?

    Quote from squeakywheel
    Does machine shut off if passed enough correctly? Does it tell you immediately that you passed?
    No, you must answer all the questions. After the test is finished, you have to answer a short survey. When thats done, it tells you whether you passed or failed. After that it shuts off.

    Quote from squeakywheel
    Can you use CCM immediately if that is the case? So many questions, so much anxiety....THANKS
    No, you must wait 4-6 wks for them to tell you OFFICIALLY that you passed. They'll send a certificate and pin.

    BTW, all your questions can be answered by just reading the CCMC website info. And it's very important to do that - most of the answers for the exam are on the website. Read the Glossary of Terms and the 6 Domains and sub-domains, then look them up online to find out all about them. Know these!! They are on the test!! Completely research the entire website so you will know the whole scoop. Good luck!
  9. by   cosmonosmo
    Hi everyone! I took my CCM exam on december 10, 2010 and PASSED! YAY =)

    I am looking to sale my certistep CD .....I paid 246 dollars and will sell it at a reduced rate. PM me if interested!

    Congrats to everyone else who passed as well!
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  10. by   squeakywheel
    Ridiculous to be worried about passing this exam... took 49 mins for 175 questions, and passed. I was so confident at 100 questions, I was thinking about ending the pain and going to breakfast. Just wasn't sure if I had answered enough. By the way, Dr Linton has multiple errors. I bought a 24 hour pass to see if it was worth throwing an eye. It wasn't ***. I also looked at a review book (for about 90 mins) that a coworker studied "for a year" Again a total waste of about 350$$.

    I suggest going on the CMSA website (FREE) download glossary, read it the day before and you all will be fine... It is all common sense..

    *** Update I got a refund after sending the errors I found, that was very nice !!
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  11. by   mountaintop7
    To RN1IAM
    Pls tell me more about the QRP exam mentioned in your post.
    I passed the CCm exam and interested in additional certifications.
    Thank you
  12. by   gmatrish
    mountaintop7 and rn1iam...i am interested in qrp as well send some info this way thanks....
  13. by   luv2learnmore
    Thanks to all the RN's who have posted information re: CCM exam. Took the exam yesterday and the best study advice I can give is to print out the Examination Content listed on the CCMC website. It breaks down the content that will be tested and if you know these concepts you will pass with no problem. I did use A Case Manager's Study Guide by Fattorusso and downloaded the CCM exam guide which has useful information and tips on test taking. Good Luck to all in the future.