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  1. Hello ,
    I am interviewing for a Case Manager with Humana, work at home .
    1) Anybody with experience with their montage phone interview? A feedback will be greatly welcomed.
    2) How are they with flexibility I am an FNP student and will be starting clinicals at the end of this year . Do they let you work part time if needed or change around your schedule to make the 40 hours a week ( like maybe 4 - 10 hours shift with a Saturday ?)
    3) what is their average salary if I make ask? they asked me how much I was expecting and I had no clue. I ave about 2 years Case Management experience in Hospital, 8 years total as an RN.

    Thank you all,
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  3. by   lrrescigno
    I'm not sure. I'm also applying for a CM job with Humana soon and I would also LOVE some insight on this Montage Phone Interview. What types of questions can we expect?

    I am wondering what is a good way to answer this if it comes up......"What knowledge do you have about Medicare?"

    As far as your FNP: I currently work as a RN CM from home and it is pretty flexible. However, it is fulltime and they do expect me to work within a certain timeframe since I have to call people and get 40 hours in. I imagine if you are part time it would be much more flexible. My roommate is in DNP/FNP school and she is pretty much busy with school work all the time. She does CM, like I do, 2 days a week/16 hours
  4. by   rnrn08
    Thank you so much . That is what I see coming. more like 30 hours/week. Just not sure if they will let me drop to part time . Well we will see .Thank you very much
  5. by   Landryt
    Curious if u were offered the job
    I accepted a case management job and go to St. Pete 4/11/16 for 2 weeks training
  6. by   rnrn08
    My interview was for . but I just accepted a position in a hospital. I was not sure about working from home though the Humana position would likely be better remunerated. CONGRATULATIONS TO YOU!!!
  7. by   redheadludi
    Hey Landryt! I accepted a Humana position for home CM this week, how was your training, are you liking the job? I go to Florida in a few weeks for training.
  8. by   shamrokks
    Let us know how you like it.
  9. by   limitless-visions
    How's it going so far with Humana