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Ok, this may seem like a stupid question, but how do you carry your PDA in your scrub pockets & keep it from falling out?

I have a hard case with a belt clip but the weight of it would cause it to fall out a lot when i would bend over. (Maybe it is as easy of using proper body mechanics and not bend over at the waist.)

Anyone ever have this problem?


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I never put it in the upper pockets because it falls out constantly when I do vitals, empty foley bags, etc. I stick in a pocket I have on the side of my pants, like on a pair of jeans. The one I can just slip my hands into, oh-so-casually. ;) And I am always sticking my hand in there to make sure it is STILL in there, just in case. It's valuable, ya know! LOL


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Mine is usually in my pants pocket, or in the pocket inside my lab coat since it has a velcro closure. You could sew in a little velcro if you don't have other better pockets.

I also have a hard side case, it would probably be trash by now without it :)

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I intentionally buy scrubs with cargo pockets on the legs. I too have a hard case and it doesn't slip out. I also have a pair of pants that have a snap on the cargo pant's pocket and I like them best of all.


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i usually carry mine in my cargo pocket and it doesn't fall out... i also wear a lot of fleece vests with zipper pockets where i can safely carry it without worrying about it... thank goodness for the hard case, though, because i've already dropped it a few times...

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