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Hello anyone attended Carrington bridge program in Sacramento? I would like to know how's the program. Thank you.

I am applying and hopefully will get in! Heard a lot about this school but I've decided that I will take the risk. Not an easy process.

Hello rmc465, have you heard from the school if you got in for the August program?

have you attended the program at Carrington. I'm in the process of them accepting or denying me for their bridge program. I hope to get in. finger crossed***

good luck! I attended, and I graduated. Was quite the journey especially during a pandemic, but I got it done.

@rmc465 thank you so much. Did you had any classmates that got in with a 3.7 GPA?

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@hnialee have you heard anything back from Carrington? When are you expecting to hear back from someone. Good luck.

@ConnieLVN2RN no I haven’t. My rep told me that she will let everyone know regardless acceptance or not. Did you also apply?

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@hnialee yes I did. But I bombed my TEAS. I didn't give myself enough time to study, but since I had already went through all the other screening processes I decided to turn my application in anyway. I retook it last weekend, but it was already past the time to turn it in, so I went with my first score of 62% ? .

If I don't get in this time, I plan on reapplying later on this year with my new score of 80%.

@ConnieLVN2RN if your GPA is good like a 3.7 or higher, you still have a very good chance of getting in. My friends got into the program with a 3.9-4.0 but with a 62% on TEAS score. I hope for both of us to get in. Finger-crossed. I have a 3.7 with 78% on my TEAS so my chances are very slim since they told me that over 100 applicants applied :/ regardless good luck to us LOL?

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@hnialee my GPA was 3.5, so my chances are slim-er than yours. LOL, but good luck to you as well. I heard about 70ish ppl turned in their full application, so I'm not looking forward to my phone call. I plan on applying later on this year as well if I don't get in as well as Unitek college fall program, its just way more expensive.

@ConnieLVN2RN girl we got this! Be positive and be proud that we made it this far. I truly think that other school will take us in a heartbeat with our GPA tho. It’s just carrington ? I talked to delta and MJC at Modesto and they accept carrington’s credits so try over there as well. I’m just waiting to hear back so I can move on. I’m planning on applying at PUC in Napa and I believe my chances over there are better. Maybe try there as well. ?

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