Nurse Practitioner: Best NP Jobs and Salaries in Texas

These are Texas' best nurse practitioner (NP) jobs and salaries in 2023. Careers

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According to Career One Stop, sponsored by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Texas projects the third-largest growth of nurse practitioner (NP) jobs between 2020 and 2030.

With just under 15,000 jobs in 2020, this state expects to need more than 24,000 NPs by 2030. This comes out to needing about 2,010 new NPs each year. And according to, these advanced practice nurses make an annual salary of just over $119,000, ranging between $102,756 and $138,823.

When you combine the expected job growth and annual salary, choosing a career path as an NP proves to be an excellent choice. However, it is essential to note that Texas does not give NPs full license authority. This means they have limited prescriptive authority and must always work under the supervision of a physician.

Nonetheless, we've compiled the best NP specialties and salaries in Texas in 2023.

Family NP (FNP)

FNPs work in primary care practices, urgent care centers, health systems, and community-based health centers. They provide acute care and chronic disease management for patients from pediatrics to senior adults. They work with physicians, physician assistants, registered nurses, and medical assistants.

FNP Responsibilities:

  • Treating acute and chronic conditions
  • Assessing patients' current status
  • Prescribing medications, treatments, and diagnostics
  • Analyzing test results and assessment findings to diagnose and treat conditions
  • Developing treatment plans
  • Working with a multi-disciplinary team

FNP Salary collects annual salary data by conducting employer surveys. They provide the data based on state and other geographic factors. It reports the ranges for FNPs in Texas as the following:

  • Low: $102,759
  • Median: $119,170
  • High: $138,829

Women's Health NP (WHNP)

NPs specializing in women's health provide holistic healthcare services to women of all ages. They may provide care to women needing reproductive medicine, pregnancy care, postpartum care, or medical treatment during menopause.

WHNP Responsibilities

  • Obtaining health histories and conducting thorough assessments
  • Diagnosing reproductive diseases and fertility issues
  • Assisting before, during, and after birth
  • Educating women on healthy diets, behaviors, and relationships

WHNP Salary

According to, the ranges for annual salaries of women's health nurse practitioners in Texas are as follows:

  • Low: $78,698
  • Median: $95,244
  • High: $110,647

Adult-Gerontology Acute Care NP (AG-ACNP)

AG-ACNPs care for adult and elderly patients. They provide care for acute and chronic conditions. AG-ACNPs work in private practices, senior care facilities and centers, and hospitals.

AG-ACNP Responsibilities

  • Providing care specific to adult and senior patients
  • Assessing conditions
  • Prescribing treatments, diagnostics, and medications
  • Educating patients and caregivers on disease management strategies

AG-ACNP Salary reports the annual salary ranges, and median salary, for AG-ACNPs in Texas as follows:

  • Low: $88,494
  • Median: $102,625
  • High: $119,556

Pediatric NP (PNP)

NPs who care specifically for pediatric patients are referred to as pediatric NPs. They can work with newborns, infants, toddlers, adolescents, and young adults to provide primary care for acute, chronic, and critical conditions. They can work in many work environments, including private practices, hospitals, and even in school-based centers.

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PNP Responsibilities

  • Assessing and diagnosing diseases and conditions
  • Monitoring normal growth and development patterns
  • Tracking developmental milestones
  • Educating primary caregivers on normal and abnormal growth and development and any conditions or treatments that may be needed
  • Recommending immunizations and other preventative care and healthy lifestyle choices

PNP Salary

PNPs in Texas can expect the below annual salary ranges according to

  • Low: $99,513
  • Median: $113,878
  • High: $124,642

Dermatology NP

Dermatology NPs treat conditions and diseases of the skin. This care can be delivered to a specific age group ranging from children to the elderly or across the life spectrum. Common conditions treated by dermatology nurse practitioners include skin cancer, eczema, acne, and psoriasis.

Dermatology NP Responsibilities

  • Assessing and treating conditions of the skin
  • Conducting comprehensive health histories and skin assessments
  • Interpreting laboratory and pathology reports
  • Collaborating with other healthcare providers
  • Educating patients on preventative skincare and healthy lifestyles

Dermatology NP Salary

Annual salaries for dermatology nurse practitioners in Texas range from:

  • Low: $89,075
  • Median: $97,447
  • High: $108,336

Cardiology NP

APRNs specializing in cardiac care or heart care are known as cardiology NPs. They provide primary care services to patients with acute and chronic heart conditions. They work in hospitals, outpatient clinics, and private practices.

Cardiology NP Responsibilities

  • Assessing for and diagnosing cardiac conditions
  • Educating on heart health and wellness strategies
  • Performing diagnostic and therapeutic procedures
  • Providing follow-up care after treatment and testing
  • Assessing and educating on cardiovascular disease risks

Cardiology NP Salary

A cardiology NP in Texas can expect to make an annual salary range of the following:

  • Low: $79,325
  • Median: $105,557
  • High: $156,645

Neonatal NP

A popular NP specialization is working with newborns with critical health conditions. Neonatal NPs work in neonatal intensive care units in hospitals and health systems. Some neonatal NPs help with the safe delivery of infants by providing patient care to both the mother and newborn.

Neonatal NP Responsibilities

  • Assessing and diagnosing life-threatening conditions
  • Performing physical exams
  • Creating treatment plans
  • Working on interdisciplinary teams with physicians, registered nurses, and other specialists
  • Using specialized equipment
  • Educating the parents and other caregivers about the infant's care and prognosis

Neonatal NP Salary

Neonatal NPs in Texas make a salary range of:

  • Low: $111,938
  • Median: $132,380
  • High: $152,917

Oncology NP

NPs can specialize in the care of patients with cancer. This specialty is known as oncology. These NPs coordinate the patient's care and treatment plan, including radiation, chemotherapy, and other treatment modalities. They can work in hospitals, specialty oncology units, or private practices focusing on cancer care.

Oncology NP Responsibilities

  • Performing physical exams
  • Assessing for and treating cancer
  • Creating treatment plans
  • Providing education to the patient and their loved ones
  • Providing holistic care that meets the patient's physical, social, and emotional needs

Oncology NP Salary estimates that the annual salary ranges for oncology NPs in Texas are as the following:

  • Low: $106,806
  • Median: $120,179
  • High: $128,617

Functional Medicine NP

Functional medicine looks for the root cause of illnesses and conditions instead of the symptoms. NPs who practice functional medicine create treatment plans that include traditional medicine, mindfulness, and preventative strategies. They use a collaborative approach with the patient to teach them about healthy lifestyle choices that will reverse or treat many conditions rather than prescribe medications.

Functional Medicine NP Responsibilities

  • Creating holistic treatment plans
  • Assessing the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual needs of the patient
  • Providing nutritional guidance and counseling
  • Ordering and interpreting laboratory and diagnostic tests
  • Prescribing medications, hormones, and vitamins
  • Educating patients on healthy lifestyle choices

Functional Medicine NP Salary

NPs who practice functional medicine in Texas can expect to make a range of:

  • Low: $79,325
  • Median: $105,557
  • High: $156,645

Psychiatric Mental Health NP (PMHNP)

PMHNPs focus on providing primary care to patients with mood disorders, anxiety, depression, and substance abuse conditions. They work in primary care settings like clinics, inpatient facilities, and provider offices.

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PMHNP Responsibilities

  • Assessing and diagnosing mental health disorders
  • Delivering acute and emergent care and treatment
  • Conducting psychological, social, and physical assessments
  • Educating patients and caregivers on disease management and treatment

PMHNP Salary

NPs specializing in mental health disorders in Texas make:

  • Low: $91,014
  • Median: $114,150
  • High: $132,260

Emergency NP

Emergency NPs care for patients who are critically ill or injured. This might be due to acute injuries, illness, or a chronic health condition exacerbation. They work in fast-paced environments like emergency departments, trauma centers, or urgent care facilities.

Emergency NP Responsibilities

  • Assessing, diagnosing, and treating acute conditions and injuries
  • Conducting comprehensive health histories
  • Educating patients and caregivers on the treatment plan
  • Collaborating with other providers, registered nurses, respiratory therapists, and other healthcare professionals
  • Ordering and analyzing laboratory and diagnostic tests

Emergency NP Salary

NPs specializing in emergency care in Texas can expect to make the following:

  • Low: $79,325
  • Median: $105,557
  • High: $156,645

Palliative Care NP

Palliative care NPs provide primary care services to terminally ill patients. They often work with patients diagnosed with cancer, neurological disorders, and dementia. They work in offices, hospitals, and hospice agencies and facilities.

Palliative Care NP Responsibilities

  • Developing end-of-life care treatment plans
  • Prescribing medications and non-pharmacologic measures to reduce pain and other symptoms
  • Assessing and treating symptoms of terminal disease

Palliative Care NP Salary

Palliative care NPs in Texas make:

  • Low: $96,962
  • Median: $112,444
  • High: $130,995

Best NP Jobs FAQs

Q: What degree do I need to be an NP? A: To become an NP, you must first have a BSN. Then, you'll need either a Master of Nursing Science (MSN) or a Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) degree, depending on the specialty you choose. Once you graduate from the NP Program, you must take and pass a national licensure exam.
Q: Can I work full-time as an RN while in school to become an NP? A: Many RNs work full-time or part-time while in school to become NPs. It's critical to set yourself up for success while in school. Talk to the admissions team and advisors at the NP school about your work and school plans to ensure a successful work-life balance plan.
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