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Just Wondering if anyone has information about Physical Therapy. Should I go into nursing to get into Physical Therapy field?


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No. They are two totally different healthcare fields.

My mom is a PT and went through college and a PT program. Nursing is not a prereq.


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No. Nursing and physical therapy are entirely different professions. Both require different degrees/courses of study. Do some research, and if you are unsure about the professions -- "shadow" a nurse and a physical therapist. If you are in school, your guidance counselor should be able to help you.


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Hi Allie,

Yes, they are two totally seperate things however, I did want to say that you should check around for the need for PT's in your area. I don't mean to bring you down but here in Pittsburgh there are way too many people with degrees in PT and no jobs. In my Micro class 7 out of 16 people had allready completed degrees in PT and because there were no jobs were going into nursing.

Just something to think about.

good Luck in which ever you decide to pursue.



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colleen10 thank you. Ive been doing research online. U.S. Department of Labor said its growing faster than average. They need update their Info. My first Pick was RN school. Then I thought it would be better just go straight for the top and go to Physician Assistants.


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Sorry Allie but as a PA you will be far from the top. You will be certified not licensced and practicing under a doctor.

From your posts it is pretty clear you don't know much about the roles of these professionals. It would probably be a good idea to research them a little bit, maybe even shadow one and learn what their roles are.

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