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I was just wanting some feedback from anybody who has been through Career Point College's LVN or RN programs. I have talked to an admissions counselor over the phone and scheduled an appointment to go talk in person at their San Antonio location. How was your experience? Is the school worth going to or should I seek education elsewhere. I am interested in going here because of their "no prerequisite" policy and because they start a new program every 2-3 months but something about their half put together website and quick (less than 1 minute) response time to filling out the information form tells me that they are just in it for the money and I wouldn't be getting a quality enough education to pass boards... Anybody?


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I was also looking into starting there in aug of 2013...but im running into some bad reviews...and wondering if after your done with school there are you able to get employed... finding a job is not hard but do employers hire ppl graduating from career point it my question..


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The school was ok. They gave me what I golden ticket to take NCLEX. I believe it's what you make of it. I graduated with a 3.9 and am now employed with UHS. I am considering returning to CPC for my RN.

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bfbt09- Do you know how much the LVN-RN program costs? I am in the process of moving from ALASKA with my USAF husband and need to get into an RN program stat. The LVN pay out there in SA doesn't look to good.