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Hs any one attended Career Point College/ LVN Program in San Antonio, TX. I know that they are accreddited through the TXBON, but I wanted to get some info on the evening/weekend class. I am looking into this program and would like some feedback on this school for the LVN Evening Class.... Your comments and thoughts on this school would be greately beneficial to me... Thanks

Career Point College has a great program.

Awesome director of the program

None better

Good luck to you!


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hi, i'm also thinking about the career point lvn program & wondered if you were able to find anything else on the school. i'd appreciate it!


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Hi there,

I went to Texas Careers for my LVN. The school environment is really nice and the clinical spots are awesome experiences. I am now attending Galen in the LVN to ADN program. If you go to Galen you can do the LVN program and go straight into the RN program if that was something you might be interested in. Career Point is good but its pretty new so I don't know their passing rate. Good luck and do your homework on the school search. It makes all the difference.


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I went to career point yesterday to try and obtain information on the LVN program and was very disapointed in how things went. I felt as if the people that i met with were not intersted in the questions that i had about the program and all they were intersted in was getting there paper work filled out and forceing you to test right then and there. i currently work full time for a dr. right now and was looking to start the program around the first of the year so i thought that this would be a good time to start preparing obvisouly i was wrong. After all was said and done and i mention to the person that was assisting me when i was lookingot start i was told that the test i had just taken and passed i would have to take again due to the scores only being good for like 30-60 days i never got a forsure anwser on that. The reason that i was interested in this school was they have a lvn class where you go twice a week in the eveings and you do your clinical on sat. i felt that this would be perfect for me. I would like to no if any one no's if this is how things are all the time or if once you get away from the people that you origanily have to talk to if things are better. I really felt like i was dealing with a used car sales man.

Im looking into the program at career point now but came across galan college as well. Has anyone gone to the Galan College LVN program? how is it? Career point is a lil run down as far as its appearance but I could care less about that just dont want to make the wrong decision on which school.

How is Galan College? is it organized? how is the looking into the LVN Program and looking at both Galan and Career Point college. any tips would be great.


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I cant remind people enough that Galen is a for profit college. They are there to make as much money as possible for them. At times there is a definite air of disorganization, which they always say is how nursing is in the real world. You have to learn how to adept quickly to change. The clinical sites are really not what they lead you to believe they will be. There are several hospitals in San Antonio area however many of them are trying to be magnet hospitals which mean they want only RNs and RN clinical rotations unless the LVN school is affiliated with that hospital i.e. Baptist. Get ready for alot of nursing home, and elderly rehabilitation centers. Third quarter is an absolute nightmare. There is only one hospital clinical site, which means alot of people are being shuffled around doing things that really have nothing to do with nursing. Some of the sites are actually only daycares where we go and watch healthy kids play and do arts and crafts. This is also combined with the Galen simulation where you get to assist the dummy in giving birth. They are trying, I give them that.

But again you get what you pay for. You pay to get in quickly and get it done without worrying about the prerequisites that you have to have for other schools. The recruitors for these schools are there to bring in buisness so they are going to tell you what they think that you need ot hear to get you in there. The teachers are hit or miss. Not everyone teaches because that like the job, but you get that anywhere.


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Hi everyone. I am currently attending the Career Point nursing program . I know some people are a little disappointed with the whole process . I have to admit I was upset too at the beginning, but I knew that this program was the only one that fit my schedule since I have to work during the day. I really enjoy the program the instructors are really good and they do not make the lectures boring. I really have a lot of fun and I look forward to going to class even though I give up my Saturdays to be at school I have to tell myself its not forever. If anyone is considering going to Career Point its not a bad choice I know I looked at other schools and they did not fit my schedule like career point did which was a big plus for me. Every school that you inquire about is going to be a lot of paper work and a lot of run around but once you get started you don't have time to be thinking about that. Good Luck to everyone that is thinking about going to nursing school it will be the best decision you make :nurse:


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Career Point is off Fredricksberg on Spencer Lane close to Crossroads mall in Balcones Heights.


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are the clinicals at a hospital or at the school? what are the sat hours?