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Career Advice

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Hello, I need some career advice

This is for all you experienced nurses. I am a new graduate nurse with a hard earned BSN and wonder if nursing is now worth it. I became a nurse because I love helping people and my dream is to become a Nurse Practitioner and work in indigent/Public health. Every nurse I talk to hates their job due to the conditions they are forced to work under. I as many nurses as I can, and the answer is the same - No. The hours are horrible, there doesn't seem to be any support from other nurses or administration. Frankly I'm scared to death of losing my license before I get started. Should I just get a Master's degree in Public Health instead and design programs that will help those in poverty of those who need it most? Is it honestly worth it to slave in hospital for 3-4 years to get enough experience to become a good NP? where you're not appreciated, risk you life due to pathogens and blood borne illnesses and other perils ? Risk losing my family life, miss important times with my children, work nights and lose health and my mind? Nurses tell me they would not go back and do it again if they had it to do over. What do you all say?:o

I'm a bit curious as to why you completed your BSN and now have these questions. How did you feel when you did your clinicals? Don't worry so much about what other people say. Some nurses love their jobs, others hate them.

I suggest you give it a try. Get a job and see how you feel, then you'll know, soon enough, whether you want to continue in the field or not. Good luck :)

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I'm with the above poster - make your own case! I will say there is a lot of negativity in nursing (as in many other professions) and you need to decide for yourself. Ask people but realize that they may be giving biased opinions too.

there is a lot of negativity in many jobs. Personally, I think we are all responsible for making our careers good or bad, in many ways (not totally, of course). For instance, having a good attitude, continuing to challenge yourself, working as a team, striving to do the best job possible, and patting someone else on the back when they deserve it. I gripe, but in reality I enjoy working around smart people (NURSES!) who have high expectations for themselves and for me.

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I am in total agreement with the other people who have responded. Whether other people are happy with their choices or not is irrelevant. How do YOU feel as a nurse? Do you enjoy working with the patients? Have you found a job that satisfies you? That's what matters most. You are going to have to give it a try for yourself to see if you like it.

Personally, I like my job ... and I like the job I had many years ago as a new graduate.


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