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Cared for MRSA patient without PPE

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Axgrinder works as a RN.

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That depends on what type of MRSA infection the patient had. Was it wound, respiratory, urine, or just a past positive carrier?

When I was a brand new grad in 1994 we freaked out about every MRSA case that hit the unit. We all went down to employee health for nasal swabs. Eventually we were told not to bother.

A few years later a pulmonologist I worked with a lot at a hole in the wall long term ventilator ICU facility said, "All you nurses will probably succumb to MRSA when you are old and immunosuppressed".

Do I believe that? Then I did - when I was young and being old was a million years away. Now that I am old and crusty? Nope.

I think you're fine.

There are plenty of people you encounter in a daily basis - in the grocery store, restaurants, work place, schools and hotels who have tested positive for MRSA in the past. They aren't isolated forever you know, right?

They are typically only a problem to other immunosuppressed patients in a acute care setting. Like patient's with a super low WBC count, cancer, active HIV, or other immunosuppressive illness.

Don't worry unless you develop acute symptoms of an infection that doesn't respond to usual antibiotic treatment. Until then I am getting the farm you are okay my friend.

Beware more of pulling back bed clothes ungloved - there you will encounter snot, urine, feces and semen regularly.

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OH MY GOD!!! YOU TOUCHED THE CLOTHES OF A PT WITH MRSA!!! you are going to be sent to leper type colony off of Antartica where will will have to beg for alms while the local population will throw rancid food at you and your limbs will rot off.

Use some common sense. Did you see anyone else at the facility panicking?

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