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The way I was taught was the "related to" had to be something you could change. As a nurse, you cannot change a medical diagnosis. For example, risk for impaired skin integrity r/t to immobility rather than impaired skin integrity r/t paralysis. What as a nurse can you do to change paralysis - nothing, but you can change immobility by repositioning, having patient sitting up in chair, etc. Every instructor wants things differently. even within the same school.

Same here, for us it would be skin integrity related to immobility secondary to paralysis.. Which reminds me, I have a big one to get done tomorrow morning... Thanks for your template info!

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Yall are welcome.

And yeah, just change it according to what your instructors want. First semester we couldn't use related to "med diagnosis" but last semester we could, it's just dependent on what different instructors want, so just change accordingly.

Happy Careplanning to us all this semester! :rolleyes:

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