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What would be a good careplan book to purchase? Our instructor said that it would be helpful in the future to have one. Let me know what you think.;)


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I think care plan books are good but I also use my Med/Surg book

for the rationale, etc.

You can find care plan books on almost any subject..I had one for

OB and also Med/Surg. I would suggest going online and looking, has some good ones..and you can buy used ones too,

which will cut the price. I bought one online and one at Borders bookstore.

I always look to see what the rationale looks want it to be

thorough. Best of luck!


P.S. My classmates and I got together..we each bought a different

Med/Surg book that way we could come to one another if needed.

I have the Lippincott Care plan book, its pretty good!

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This is one of the most comprehensive care plan sites out there, I use it all the time.

As for a book, I bought the Lippencott one, too....



jschut, BSN, RN

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Hey MRed94~

I ran across that careplan site last night. That is really amazing! I think it's going to be a ton of help to me!



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I will be done in 8 weeks!!!! Try Carpenito for care plans - it is required for my school - and pretty good!!!


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Ok I will be done in Dec 2001 and I'm looking for a few good free sites that let you practice the NCLEX exams. Not the sites with ten questions but some that have over 25 and if you know any that offer rationale that would be great too any suggestions on what i can do to pass the first time ;]

Diane DNZ.

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:rolleyes: Thanks for the info on care-plans. Knowing that there is a good site to go to is going to make life alot easier, I hope.

Writing up care-plans isnt as easy as I thought, but I guess the more you do the easier It gets. One good thing is you learn alot while putting the care-plans together.

As a NewZealand 2nd year Student , Im curiouse to know if care-plans have the same structure world wide.

Ours contain An Assessment, Diagnosis, Goal, Implementation, Rational and Evaluation.


Bonnie Blue

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Yep! At least the form I have to fill out tomorrow for clinical on Friday has all those things. I'm definitley nervous about my first clinical day.

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