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I just got hired as an LPN on a busy cardiac/telemetry unit. I just graduated school in July and have worked in an LTC facility since September. Any advice for the transition over to acute care from LTC?

Congratulations! How long is your orientation and what does it include?

Many moons ago, my new position was a move to telemetry. Looking back, it was not an ideal transition. I did not receive training on telemetry interpretation for SIX MONTHS! I was dependent on my co-workers. If you are not getting your training up front, think long and hard.

You will need to know the basic dysrhythmias, cardiac drips , and spot on respiratory assessment skills.

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what kind of orrientation are you being afforded?


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CONGRATS! Try to study some cases under telemetry, make a note during orientation. Make friends as well. And don't for get to put smile on your first day :)

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I will receive 2 weeks in the education department at my facility, and then 6-8 weeks following a preceptor, gradually gaining more duties as my training goes on. My particular lpn program we did very very little with reading ekg's/telemetry. So I am a little nervous. But I will be sure read up on it and ask tons of questions! As for the smile, I always bring that:)