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Today at work, a co-worker stated that she had read in a study somewhere that women have different symptoms of MIs than men-therefor the traditional assessments aren't appropriate. I am a relatively... Read More

  1. by   Shamrock
    I've read somewhere that low back pain and stomach pain may also be s/s of MI.
  2. by   Bonnie Blue
    Great discussion! I, too, have read that women can have a defferent presentation with MI. Other red flags should be your risk factors: HTN, cholesterol, DM (big one!), smoking and family history. Another problem is that gallbladder disease can be mistaken for a MI and vice versa. The old stand-by of good history and physical along some simple tests, 12-lead and CEs could save a woman's life.

    soapbox: I get frustrated sometimes because heart disease kills more women than breast cancer but breast cancer gets all the attention!

    Stepping down now.
  3. by   sunnygirl272
    My mother (also a nurse) never had any Sx that she attributed to cardiac....until she coded at work...thrombolytics failed...after a day or 2 int the unit, and finally being transferred to a Syracuse hosp,(local hosp doesn't to caths...)...the cath showed 2 areas of scarring, one at the apex with a muscle aneurysm...they pondered doing a muscle resect along w/ her cabg and aicd placement, but ended up using the pads to reinforce that area.
  4. by   susanmary
    Sometimes even a TOOTHACHE can be a subtle sign.
  5. by   obeyacts2
    Hmmm.....A few of the ladies Ive cared for with MIs had N/V as a main symptom.....My Dad who had several MIs, but one really bad one had no chest pain....thought he had the flu with N/V etc. Stayed in bed over the wekend, becuase he has a Dr appt Monday. He wasnt alarmed, DROVE to the Dr, Dr looked at him got a 12 lead and said "Mr N....do you hear those sirens in the distance...they are coming for you" and informed him he did not have the flu. Dad got a long stay in hospital and a pacer out of that one.