1. 45 yr old LPN with two classes left to be a R.N. experience one year in LTC switching to hospital med- surg telemetry. Want to get to the cardiac unit eventually. I am a heart pt since april 99 so i am not totally dumb LOL triple bypass, four stents, 7 cardiac caths, collapsed arteries and recent part of experiment radiation to stents for restenosis. I am willing to learn need someone to quide me and help me learn all there is. thanks

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  3. by   hoolahan
    Try taking an ACLS course. You will learn all you need to know. Also, search the web, there are some sites with interactive telemtry instruction. I'd help you but I don't have enough time to finish my 2 BSN courses as it is. Good luck to you! ACLS will look good when you apply for a job in an ICU or tele unit.
  4. by   jeana
    I disagree that ACLS will provide this person with all she needs to know. I am a new BSN on a teley medical unit. I took ACLS and while it outlines fundamentals in embergency cardiac care it is far from all you need to know. The field of cardiac medicine is extensive. Everyday I am faced with something I must look up. I continually ask why something is being or not being done if I do not understand. I then go back and look it up. Continuing education has also helped me. I think this type of knowledge comes with experience, persistence to understand...
  5. by   faymous
    [to enemaplus 2 yes i agree that an acls course would provide valid education in the cardiac field but only if you are using it on a regulsr basis. I have worked in icu/ccu for 12 years at the time i was hired i had no previous cardiac experience but i committed myself to post diploma courses and eventually acls most nurse managers are willing to give new grads a chance as long as they can show some dedication to continuing education this is IMPERATIVE You already have a good base knowledge due to your circumstances draw on those experiences and relate to the patient on a personal level everything comes not just with education bit with experience. Over the years i have taken courses in palliative care diabetes iv therapy special nurse training and have worked in home care research med-surg and presently have trained for and been working in dialysis for the past two years. It can be done with perseverence and hard workif i can be of any help please contact me

  6. by   askater

    I work on a cardiac stepdown unit. My unit requires nurses be ACLS certified.

    ACLS gives you a round about education. I'm glad my unit requires ACLS. Our nurses are required to push cardiac medications. Usually we run our OWN codes.

    We don't have many codes. But I find ACLS helped me.

    The medical fields always changing. There's always new medications and procedures. That's why we're always looking up things.

    I love nursing. The continuous changes. And continous need for continued education.


  7. by   nytengail

    I worked CCU for over 2 years and now currently work Open Heart. Personally I feel that ACLS maybe a beginning, however it is just the first rung on a very tall ladder. I would recommend sitting in on an internship program if available, or taking a CCRN review course. ( I learned alot in a "review" course) Also a 12 lead ECG class is highly recommended. Recommend Laura Gasparis classes/books and also Pass CCRN books. I realize that you are not trying for your CCRN but these books offer concise information, tables, graphs and pneumonics that were helpful to me.