Medical advice for fiancee with chronic fatigue

  1. OK, my fiancee has been to the doctor after complaining about fast heart rate, palpitations and chest pain. The doctor is a cardiologist and found her heart was fine and prescribed exercise and lots of fluid. Eventually the problem subsided but relapses will be expected and may only last a couple of days. She will always have this problem according to the doc. As for the chronic fatigue we have yet to determine the cause. Cardiologist referred her to an endocrynologist. Anyone have any input on what could be the source of chronic fatigue? Shes not obese, 31 years old, doesnt drink, smoke, fairly active, and slightly underweight. Doctors have not been able to diagnos this and we feel they give us the runaround. I just need nurses who will cut to the chase.
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  3. by   NRSKarenRN
    As nurses, we can provide you info on diagnosis signs and symptoms, treatment options or additional tests to discuss with physician.
    What is her medical diagnosis? What diagnostic tests have been performed?
    Endocrine problems especially hyperthyroidism have cardiac effects.
    Need some additional info here to point you in the right direction.
  4. by   thn5625
    She told me she had a good EKG thats all I know by name. When she went to the cardiologist I think he did full test such as chest x ray, ect.. enough to declare her heart was not damaged. I hope that helps. I can find out some more. I think she did a blood check for thyroidism but that was last year and im thinking that test should be done again. Who knows with a different result? Can this happen?
  5. by   Nurse Ratched
    If bloodwork has ruled out the standard big physical causes of fatigue (thyroid, mono, anemia, infection, hepatitis) one should also consider psychological causes. Depression/anxiety need to be ruled out.
  6. by   thn5625
    Shes going to see the endocrynologist and if there is nothing there then the psychological reasons will weigh even more. We just hope she doesnt have a rare condition thats difficult to diagnose.

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