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    I work on a tele/med/surg floor. The other night one of the other nurses had a patients bp med because his bp was 100's/60's and he had bottomed out earlier that day. about ninety minutes later the same patient's bp was 250/120! This was done manually by 3 RN's including myself. Well anyway the house docter came up to see the pt. and said he didn't think the prev. bp of 100's/60's was correct he said in some pt's there is a phenomenom where you can hear the pressure at the high and low ends but not in the middle and thought the rn originally taking bp had pumped cuff into that "silient" range thus missing the higher sounds. When I listened I heard a loud clear pressure all the way .

    Has anyone heard of this happening?

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  3. by   webbiedebbie
    I have. Especially in patient's who have bp problems.
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