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  1. I am having a hard time with the entry exam for the ACLS course - anyone know of a helpful book or website to assist with the complection of the precourse exam?? Thanks
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  3. by   medicrnohio
    Try to get ahold of the textbook for the ACLS class. It should help you with the answers. The newer version of the book isn't too bad to read as compared to the old version, in my opinion. Good luck!
  4. by   Antikigirl
    Speak to the ones that use it the most...EMT's and Paramedics!!!!! If you are fortunate enough to know some, they can really help by telling you stories or funny things they did to remember all this information! I keep my skills fresh, even though I don't do ACLS at my facility, buy hearing my husbands stories (paramedic) and him quizing me! (I keep my ACLS up because one, I love it, and two...good on the ol resume!).

    Also finding out what your probelm areas it all the meds? Is it the technical? Are the yes/no flowcharts a bit too much (they were for me...I had to learn it more hands on or through stories or hubbys quizes!). What sticks out as being the hardest to learn??? Then focus on your own style of learning to have it make sence (again a really good reason to have a paramedic friend handy!).

    ALSO, some fire departments/paramedic stations have dumbies you can work on..some for a fee..others not. Take advantage of that if you have this resource available!

    Ride alongs helped me a ton! It is one thing to read your head off..another thing to actually SEE IT in action!

    Good luck!!!!!! Make it fun..I did and love it!!!!! (I am more paramedic at heart than nurse for sure! ).
  5. by   wishingmary
    In addition to what has been mentioned before, I recommend using your search engine on your computer for ACLS. There are some awesome sites that have quizzes and explanations too.
  6. by   kaseysmom
    Thanks for all the help!! I guess I was sorta shocked at the amount of information on the preentrance exam..(it's called a precourse written exam). Unfortunately, and im not sure if this is standard, I didn't learn a whole lot about meds given during a code and such so..I am sorta lost. Thanks everyone for the help, though =)
  7. by   icu.j04
    Quote from kaseysmom
    I am having a hard time with the entry exam for the ACLS course - anyone know of a helpful book or website to assist with the complection of the precourse exam?? Thanks is good. there is a simulator and quiz section that give you the rationale behind the answers.

  8. by   rngeorge
    The ACLS text book is pretty adequate and simple. Here are a few tips for the mega code...Always use the clearing chant, do 5 point confirmation check after intubation, start drip after conversion of arrythmia, pulse check, drug shock routine and mention final disposition or wrap up of code ie. transfer patient to ICU etc..
    Good luck !!! Its not as bad as it was a few years ago
  9. by   medic1488
    The pre-course exam isnt something to worry to much about doing an excellent job on. It does show you were you need to work on but it is more a tool to judge the amount learned during the course. However, obviously there are some things that if you try to learn in the two days you'll never get in time, so for your personal use the exam should guide you were to study. ACLS is pushing to have there courses become much more user freindly so hopefully you have a good expreience with it.
  10. by   bobnurse
    Get the Book and a copy of the pre-test........that should give you a good idea of what you need to know........There are many ACLS sites and simulators on the web....just do a general search.......If you need more assistance, let me know.......

    Im a Instructor, so might be able to offer you some assistance.

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