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Hello! I am currently looking for my first travel nurse assignment and was wondering if anyone has worked at a hospital/travel agency that set them up with assignment that did not require a car. I would prefer to work in an area where I could walk or take a short subway ride but preferably not the bus. I am currently talking to AYA Healthcare. I will be leaving from the Detroit Metro area of Michigan and am looking to leave in Jan/Feb. The weather here can be pretty crazy and I drive a new Ford Fusion. I would really like to save the mileage and the trouble of traveling through the snow. Any input would be great.


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You can always find your own housing. I do it for a related reason, I want to be close enough to bicycle to work.

Just to to remind you, a large part of the country is outside the snowmelt. People move there in the winter increasing the need for travelers. Just saying!


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New York City, particularly NewYork-Presbyterian, Columbia campus. You dont EVER need a car to go to work. And if you are willing to rent a room as opposed to a full 1BR apartment for the length of a contract, you have several options within walking distance of the hospital or a train ride away for less than $1000/mo (which is also often less than half of the housing stipend you can get for this location).

Ask your company where they can house you so that you would not have to have a car. AYA isn't the only agency around. I would highly suggest you shop around. If the agency knows upfront that you aren't driving, they will try to house you closer to the hospital or at least close to public transportation that will get you to and from sufficiently.

I have some experience in the recruiting industry, so I maybe able to offer some insight. In most cases, your recruiter should be able towork with you to provide a variety of assignmentand housing options that meet your needs. It’s important to clearly communicateyour wishes as far as commute length, availability of public transportation,metro v rural, etc. The key is establishing a good line of communication withyour recruiter so you’re both on the same page about your housing requirements.Good luck!