Capella University RN-BSN-MSN flexpath experience?

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Capella University RN-BSN-MSN flexpath experience?

Hi everyone, I am an RN ready to pursue my BSN (and possibly MSN), and I just discovered Capella University's online flexpath program. The way it's designed seems so perfect for me and I really want to do it. I read all the previous threads about this, but I have more questions!

If there is anyone out there who is enrolled in this program, your input would be very much appreciated, even more so if you've successfully graduated and are now using your degree!

My main concern is the very shady things I've read online about Capella not letting people graduate at the last minute, ripping people off, pulling a "bait and switch" with programs, and overall being a total criminal scam (none of these claims were about the Nursing program, most were Psychology). Normally I'd walk away, but I'm so intrigued by the equal amount of wonderful reviews I've been reading, and I really WANT to believe that this program exists the way the school describes it. I'm just concerned (and perhaps paranoid) that maybe all the great "reviews" are somehow paid for by Capella.

So, for the real people out there who have done it: what is the catch? do books cost more than usual to make up for the cheap flat rate tuition? do employers take a degree from this place seriously? is the program rigorous enough so that you feel prepared for the next career step? Any feedback would be so wonderful!

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Hello. I am a flexpath RN-BSN graduate (June 30, 2017) it truly is an amazing program. !!! It is an accredited university so financial aide covers it and job prospects will acknowledge your degree. So what you do is you pay by the term rather than the course. Each term is $2500 and 12 weeks long. During that term you take as many classes as you can. Average is 3 but I took 4 first term, 6 the second term and only 2 the third term because I only had two courses left to finish the program. The most cost effective way to do flexpath is to do as many classes as you possibly can in each term. My BSN only cost me 7500. Which is nothing compared to some of those other programs.

Another perk- absolutely no discussion boards whatsoever. All you do is write papers. Each class has 4-6 papers to write. You have three chances to correct your paper for a final grade. You do all the research yourself and the way you learn is through research. The fastest I ever finished a class was literally in 6 days. There are some papers you can write because you know all of the criteria. Other papers you write you have to research the criteria and learn it before you can write the paper.

I have always been a competitive over-achiever. I made it my goal to finish the program in 12 months- I beat that! I completed the program in 7 months!!! I am currently taking a month off but will be enrolling in their MSN program for nursing education and hope to finish that by the middle of 2018 (and hope to make a record for myself with that too).

If I can be of any help please feel free to contact me. I truly am a testimony of a great program and can guide you on how to complete the program successfully as well.


I am currently enrolled in BSN Flexpath program, I have 3.5 classes to go until graduation!

With Flexpath, textbooks are not mandatory. They give you all of the resources you need within the course. If I felt I could benefit from the textbook I have rented them from Amazon.

Tuition is a flat rate and you are billed in 12 weeks increments. You can complete as much or as little as you want in that 12 weeks... it's the same set price whether you take 1 class or 4 in that timeframe.

My employer actually has a contract with Capella where they offer a grant if you're an employee that enrolls. If it makes you feel better, I started in August just based on falling in love with Capella, and my employer didn't come in contact with Capella until January.

I am planning on going for my MSN through flexpath after I graduate with my BSN.

I've been a nurse for 32 years and work FT in outpatient oncology. I had been considering going back to school for 5 years, but my parents fell ill, then my father passed away. My mother is well now, and I've used money she gifted to me to pay for my education in my father's memory...he would have been very happy with this decision. I investigated Capella because my employer had formed a contract with the university and as such tuition discounts were available. On a whim, I called Capella and spoke with Samantha Buchholz, an enrollment counselor and advocate. The time Samantha spent with me helped me formulate a distinct vision of where I wanted to be in 10 years and how to get there. My educational goal is to obtain a Ph.D. and write for publication in the field of professional nursing development.

I am my coming to the end of my 3rd semester in the FlexPath BSN program. At first, I was anxious and disappointed that I was not speeding right along making use of the financial savings opportunity that the FlexPath program offers. But now, I realize that the value of the program for me lies more in the ability to work at my own pace, in some degree to choose the order in which I complete the course work, and to work in solitude. (I must admit I'm not the best team player and have little tolerance for slackers). Some weeks I've very good at managing my time and get lots done. Other weeks I'm not. Being a "paper" person, I've been slow to master the online learning skills and do print a great deal of my research articles (I have three file cabinets now!). And yes, FlexPath course work is entirely research, reading and writing papers, but I'm learning SO much, and I'm having FUN! To that point, my goal is to learn well, not to save money. As a result I currently have a 4.0 GPA, but I've worked hard to achieve it. I do believe, however, if I worked part time instead of full time, I would save money in the end simply because I would have more time to devote to the course work. The University does require evidence of weekly engagement in the course work in the FlexPath programs, so your scholarly efforts are important...the school, the coaches, tutors and faculty members DO care if you're "attending" in a meaningful way.

If you do decide to attend, be sure to take advantage of your time in the Orientation course. Follow all the suggestions, and then some. You will be so glad you did. The online course room, library and research center, and student support services are FANTASTIC! My Academic Advisor/Coach is super as well. Take the time to build your relationships with your Coach and your Tutors. It will help you stay connected. Right now, my biggest issue is with the fact that FlexPath learners are not eligible for the Dean's list nor are we eligible for Capella scholarships. I'm not clear on the reasons for either of these, but at some point will ask.

I agree with the other Capella reviewers...this is a great BSN program!! I have researched MANY online BSN programs, and truly believe I chose the best one. It is challenging at times but not overly, they are fully accredited, it is financially the best option if you can do the FlexPath model, and you can get it done as quick as you can! Every phone call I have made has been answered right away with professional, informative staff. It's so refreshing. My main concern was with the whole pass/fail model like , but due to more research I chose Capella's FlexPath because it was just about the same price for a 12-week term & they can give you a GPA if you request so. I verified today with a very nice records staff member that upon graduation, the student may call the records department to have their official transcript translated into a GPA for prospective Master's programs elsewhere. He even explained if there are any issues, that the student can obtain electronically a "course completion evaluation" for EACH course that details the course material, credits earned, & GPA earned. I thought this was good for any schools one would want to transfer to after graduation. I just started & plan to complete my first course in the next couple of days. It is very possible to FLY through this Bachelor's, I am just slow wth the APA formatting for my papers. NO exams, discussion posts, or group work which is great! Do it!!

Wow, did you ever start the MSN program? I am in the RN to BSN traditional path at Capella and am intrigued by the flex path option but was reluctant to commit to it because I wasn't sure if I could handle taking "as many classes as possible" while working full time as a nurse. I almost done with my first class for my first "semester" - the class is called "Developing a Nursing Perspective" It's been pretty easy - are all of the classes similar in intensity? (discussion questions due once a week, replies to peer discussion, and 3 actual papers) Thanks in advance!

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I just completed the BSN-MSN ED Flex Path program. When I started, I had been a nurse for about 7 years, so going back to school was intimidating! I started in Feb 2020 and just completed the last class (Oct 2020). Overall, I am happy with the program and that I went with Flex Path. I am self motivated and setting my own timeline for assignments was a perfect option. I work night shift and 2 jobs, so being able to fit in homework was difficult, but totally doable. I also like Flex Path because there was no group work, discussion posts, or tests. Researching and finding sources for papers was time consuming, but I feel that is where I learned the most. Instructors were all wonderful and I only had one that was an extremely difficult grader and I had to rewrite every assessment, sometimes more than once. The other instructors were knowledgeable and easy to reach. The tutors were also great. I had some issues readjusting to APA formatting and scheduled a appointment with my tutor and she was very helpful. The cost of the program was also what drew me to Capella. It is $2500 (plus about $250 for access to books and online tools) every 12 weeks. This was also a motivating factor to get things done in a timely manner!

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I am just 1 paper from completing the Capella BSN flexpath program.  Its only taken 8 long weeks but I will complete it in just one term and spend just about $3000.  

I highly recommend the program.  Dedicate the time and get it done to save the most moneu while receiving the same degree.  

9 hours ago, E234ff said:

 Its only taken 8 long weeks but I will complete it in just one term and spend just about $3000.  

Did you only have to take the 8 nursing classes? And with flexpath are there discussion board posts?

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Yes, I only needed the 8 BSN courses as 8 had 2 previous A.A.S. degrees.  No discussion posts.  Papers, simple activities, powerpoints, and a few voiceovers.  

Love Capella! Flexpath is Outstanding!! an educational style that fits every student learner. There is so much support that it would be impossible, or take some horrific catastrophic event , I imagine , to prevent a student from being successful and graduating. 

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Flex Path RN-BSN learner just completed the program all 8 classes in one 12 week session. It's accredited and can be done no scam.  There are some tough graders out there but you can still manage to pass with the multiple attempts to get a passing grade. Each assessment has 3 attempts to get a passing score. 

What school did you go too to do the Flex Path?

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