Can't get a job in riverside, ca.


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I've worked assisted living for a year. This was a mistake. I should have gotten into acute care immediately after coming out of school. Now I can't get a job without 1 year of acute care. In Los Angeles there are places that will take you but here in Riverside it's a "no go". Does anyone have any advice? I know I'm not the only LVN facing this problem. Are there any hospitals that take us without that 1 year? :cry: I got a mortgage to pay like everyone else!


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Here in NW OH, hospitals aren't even hiring LPNs! So, at least you have the option of acute care! Here, no point in even applying! So, you are ahead of us with just the possiblility of a hospital job, so good luck!

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If you have a mortgage to pay, is working at a nursing home or home health agency feasible until you land that elusive acute care hospital gig? In my humble opinion, having some income would be better than absolutely nothing.

Many parts of Southern California are experiencing a surplus of LVNs. In other words, the number of LVNs seeking employment is far greater than the number of LVN positions available. This is the precise reason why I left Southern California 3 years ago. I have found higher pay rates and abundant opportunities elsewhere.

You'll land that dream job if you keep up the persistence. Good luck to you!


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Wow! OH. is bad. Well to reply to both of you, I can only get home health and alot of them want that same year of acute experience. SNFs want 1 year of experience also. I definitely agree with your statement of an over abundance of LVNs in southern ca. We also have many philipinos that are RNs but when they come to the US they can't do RN work but are expereinced in acute care so they work under their newly gotten LVN licenses for a lower pay range than their american counterparts. They worker harder and longer for "that lower wage". I did find out yesterday that registry work in the hospital may be the way to go. They told me to do that for a year and that should suffice. I know i'm not the only one having this problem but this is serious. I can't even do assisted living out here because the LVNs in AL out here do what the DON did in Los Angeles which is budgets, scheduling and training, mostly managerial stuff and the med techs and CNAs/ caregivers do all the rest. So I'm up the creek without a paddle. Doing HH isn't going to give me that year and I feel my career will become so stagnated. No one can tell me there's a nursing shortage. We're out here, but no one will take the time to train us for hospital work soooo therefore the RNs are overworked. I've met with RNs from ICU jobs that have quit just because the work load is too heavy without the help of their LVNs. So this really is an issue that needs to be addressed. Nepotism thrives well in the hispanic and philipino work area. It's not unheard of to meet the whole family at one job doing various positions. I thought that wasn't allowed but I saw it in AL. Sorry, but I'm just one bitter LVN. I feel I've wasted valuable time and I'm no spring chicken. As far as pay goes. Hospital out here start as low as $15 hrly. My end pay in AL was $22, so I'm actually having to work for less pay out here. Can't move, just bought a house out here to be near my elderly parents, so moving isn't a possibility. I just got trained to be a Hospice Admissions nurse and just as I was ready to go into the field they hired a RN and I got the boot since she had more experience. So I'm getting it from all angles, and that job payed $24.50hrly just to sign people on to hospice. Go figure!


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Just for the record I'm state board certified for IV Therapy/Bloodwithdrawal, CNA, EMT1 and HHvent.


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have you tried the county of riverside. they seem to always be hiring. they even have a 20/20 program for lpns who want to become rn's.

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LVN position are so difficult to find in SoCal. Especially acute care jobs. Are you planning on advancing to RN? Or staying as an LVN? I've looked into the 20/20 program through RCC, its not a bad idea. If I lived closer I'd consider it. What about Orange county, have you checked there? I just graduated, passed boards, and got a HH job... which I'm planning on keeping till I'm an RN. HH isn't a bad way to go...

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