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Hello there,

I am an RN in Florida licensed since 2014. I found a job after graduation where I worked in acute care for about 5 months and then my addiction caused me to lose my job. A couple of months later I got into trouble with the law and now have a felony on my record. I went to treatment and received help and have since had my license restored and have been put into IPN, Florida's monitoring program. I have a 5 year contract and am 1 year into it. I have been actively applying to positions with few interviews and cannot find a job! I have quite a few strikes against me: a felony, IPN ( I don't have a key restriction though), only 5 months experience, haven't worked as a nurse in 3 years. Does anyone have any suggestions on what I can do or where I can apply so I can finally get my career going? I need help please, I am worried that eventually I'm going to have to give it up and pursue something else. This is where my heart is and what I want to do. Suggestions please!!! I have 21 months in recovery. The aujudication of guilt was withheld for the felony, I have applied to have my record sealed, and have applied for an exemption with the DOH for AHCA licensed facilities. I have been compliant with IPN thus far.



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Dialysis is know the be friendly to those in recovery.

Drug & Alcohol Detox and Rehab facilities! I'm in TPAPN and have a DWI on my record - could not find a job ANYWHERE with 5 years of RN experience. Got a job at a drug & alcohol detox facility and I LOVE it!!! Rehabs, detox centers, and psych facilities are more forgiving, and recovery friendly. They are all about second chances. Good luck to you.

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After a couple of years, I wrote to the judge that sentenced me and asked that my record be expunged. He ran it by the district attorney and my attorney and they agreed. So, now my record is clean.

Even though it is expunged, doesn't it still show up on a level 2 fingerprint background check?

You can try applying to jails/prisons. They are IPN friendly and actually very safe places to work as there are guards all around and usually always next to the nurses when dealing with inmates. And the inmates typically like the nurses

Try and just get your foot in the door somewhere. Even if it isn't nursing right away, work as a PCT, phlebotomy, etc... It's counts as clinical and it will give the institution a chance to get to know you. I'm having similar issues and am finally getting some call backs.

Thanks for all the advice guys. Update: I found a position!!! It's at a pediatric primary care office. I finally found someone willing to give me a chance. The feedback I'm getting is that this a great starting point and the experience in peds will make me very marketable, yay!! There is also opportunity for career growth as I could possibly move into the nurse manager role. I'm super excited! Thanks everyone!!

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