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I want to learn regarding the nursing care of the cancer patients.

Your question is soooo broad it's actually ridiculous. When you want to learn, the first and most crucial step is to do some research, get a couple of books at the library, or the internet can give you some very informative journals etc.

You can ask AN members, but you need to be more specific and show you've done some research on your own.

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When you want to post a question, try to choose the forum most likely to attract the people who might know the answer. This is posted on the NCLEX forum, where people discuss their experiences with the licensure examination. You can go to the yellow bar at the top of the page and go to Nurses > General Nursing, or to Specialties > Oncology.

Either way, though, your question is very broad and we need to know more about what you know and why you need these answers. If it relates to a personal situation, we cannot give medical advice on AN. If it is for school, we need to know what you have done to help yourself find the answers in your school books and classes. If you are a nurse aide or student, or just thinking about being a nurse, tell us that.

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Welcome to AN!

Are you a student? Are you in school? what semester are you? Waht exactly are you looking ofr?

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Look in your Med-Surg textbook. It will give you some ideas.