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I applied to the U of C Winter 2017 program! I took the Athabasca University A/P course and haven't done well in it due to some family health issues that have taken most of my time. It is strange for... Read More

  1. by   Jlindsay
    Hey guys! Applied via the degree holder route with a 3.45... I got accepted to bow valley, but anxiously waiting on u of c. Any word on what they're accepting currently. Also, I am curious as to how people were accepted prior to sept 31st as transcripts were due on the 31st? Sending positive vibes to everyone!
  2. by   kneuroknut
    As far as I know, they are still at 3.6. Best of luck!
  3. by   kneuroknut
    @ reactiv I would call. You should have heard by now and they will at least be able to give you some insight into what's going on. Best of luck!
  4. by   rkpater
    I am a degree holder and have a >3.7 GPA. Haven't heard anything back yet. Did email admissions, so hopefully I will hear back soon! Fingers crossed. Congrats to everyone who did get accepted already!
  5. by   RedCoat52
    @rkpater you should just give them a call! They're very helpful and you'll get an instant answer!
  6. by   monde
    @rkpater, please call. it will help. My sis just called yesterday and got the green mark today. she had a 3.6 from her calculation. Has anyone successfully applied for loans? I have applied and waiting for response. How long does it take to be processed? I am applying from Calgary. I have booked appointment for immunizations.
    Just to clarify, I read in the post that we are to register for 3terms? did I read well? are we to register for 3 terms at once or just a term (4 courses) at a time? Someone pls clarify. I am new in this part of the world...

    For those still expecting their green marks, pls hang in there. best wishes
  7. by   Jlindsay
    I tried to call yesterday to figure out at what gpa they are at now, but got an answering machine. Which number are you referring to?
  8. by   Amigone
    I got my green checkmark on Monday Sept 12, so it would make sense that more check marks are released today! Hooray for those who get in, and hang in there for those who haven't heard yet!

    Monde - I had my loans request approved about 24 hours after I submitted them. I was super impressed! Check back every day. Also, if you didn't before your first undergrad, if you did high school in Alberta, apply for the Rutherford Scholarship. I did, thinking I wouldn't get anything, and was awarded $1200. Every penny helps!

    I got lucky - they accepted my work place's N95 testing, so that was already out of the way. I go for titres for Hep B tomorrow and then see a doctor on campus for Mantoux on the 7th of November. I'm hoping they release the book list (at Open House they said November or December) soon so that I can start looking at the books.

    Is it January yet?
  9. by   RedCoat52
    The enrolment services number is the number I've been calling. I've emailed the senior admissions officer of the faculty as well, she responds very quickly!

    I just called, and the GPA is still at 3.6.
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  10. by   hartab
    Monde, you apply for the classes listed in term three. There are 4 classes total that you will have to register for

    I just went to have my Mantoux test yesterday and will be going next Friday for two more vaccinations I also have to go to a lab to get hep b blood work done because I lived outside of the country for a while, but the nurse at the wellness center explained everything really well

    Still no application package in the mail, but here's to hoping it shows up very soon!

    Congrats everyone that's recently gotten the green check!
  11. by   monde
    Hi everyone,

    Just to let you know, if you are expecting your admission package in the mail, it's been sent out. I received mine today. Congrats again, and best wishes to those who are still waiting to get admitted. It will come dears. Cheers.
  12. by   rkpater
    Update: I inquired with the admissions office about why I had not received an offer of admission. They told me it was because my calculated GPA was 3.48. I emailed several times and left several voicemails to understand why my calculated GPA was so low, as I graduated with Distinction in 2014 (>80%). I never received anything back from them, I assumed they must have a very strict % to GPA conversion and accepted the fact that I wouldn't be admitted. On Friday, out of desperation, I called the admission officer's direct line. She was very blunt in saying that she "doesn't have the time to go back through an individual's file to verify GPA". Shocking, right?! Especially considering this miscalculation would have severely impacted my life (i.e. not getting into nursing school). I pushed back and asked what their % grade to GPA conversion is: 4.0 = 85-100, 3.7 = 81-84. Knowing this conversion chart, my calculated GPA is actually 3.88. The faculty was very hesitant to admit their mistake. Eventually they did, and I have since been admitted.

    TLDR: don't be a pushover and double check their work. If you think they made a mistake, be forceful!

    I am excited to meet everyone in January!
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  13. by   monde
    @rkpater. Big congrats. I admire your resilience. See you in January.