University of Calgary Nursing Transfer January 2017 - page 14

I applied to the U of C Winter 2017 program! I took the Athabasca University A/P course and haven't done well in it due to some family health issues that have taken most of my time. It is strange for... Read More

  1. by   RedCoat52
    How important does everyone think it is to have a car? Im driving in from BC and the main hwy is currently closed
  2. by   Amigone
    I plan on transit for almost everything unless I land in home care.
  3. by   NBolas
    I'm planning to transit as well, but I would have a car just in case since they did mention that some sites can be tough to get to. Car 2 Go doesn't seem as reliable here as it is in BC.

    Also, awesome to know that there will be another BC person in the program!
  4. by   olajumoke
    Hi all, hope you are finding the program easy? @Redcoat52, u said the admission process is taking a new form soon. Can you please throw more light? How can I improve on the grades?
  5. by   olajumoke
    @ RedCoat52, Please explain better on how the new GPA will be calculated? Do you mean I cant pick any other transferable courses to upgrade my GPA?
  6. by   olajumoke
    Thanks Sherifat for your reply, My GPA is 3.31, please where can I find information on how to get other transferable courses to upgrade my GPA? Also did you apply for the transfer or degree route?
  7. by   sherifat
    To boost your GPA just take courses u are good at. You can also call the faculty of nursing for enquiry. Wishing you all the best
  8. by   olajumoke
    Thanks Sherifat, but are all courses transferable? I have already done Eng 255, Econ 247, Bio 235 and Maths 215. Please if you can suggest other courses I can do, I will be grateful. I applied for the degree route
  9. by   sherifat
    If u like math there is also a business math course. I should think all courses are transferable but u can also contact the faculty
  10. by   katieeee123
    Hey everyone! I am just finishing up A&P through Athabasca university and then I am going to apply for the September intake for the transfer route program. I currently have a 3.45 GPA and am wondering if anyone has been accepted in the past with this GPA? also any advice for applying? Thank you in advance
  11. by   mahusay14
    hi Amigone thank you for the open house info. I already registered. I am planning to apply for transfer route next year. I hope I can get in with the kind of nursing background i have,its a bit complicated.
  12. by   zzed
    hello olajumoke, were u able to get in?? wat did u do to upgrade??