UBC Nursing - Sep. 2012

  1. Hello Everyone!

    I am considering applying to UBC Nursing for the September 2012 intake... but I'm not quite sure if I'm eligible to apply...

    My primary concern is my post-secondary credits... everyone seems to have already completed a Bachelor's before applying? As of now, I have 40+ credits... by the end of June 2010 I'll have 50+ credits (which is the deadline for all transcripts), but they're a combination of first-year science, calculus and language courses with only a couple of second year o-chem... would that be ok?

    I am currently a Langara student, but I have studied at SFU before until my relocation.
    I've also read on the website that the average age of applicants were 21-47 (please don't quote me on this, I can't remember the exact range)... and I'm now 18 (will soon turn 19 though), but I have the requirements it's just that I'm unsure if it's alright that my 50+ credits are mostly first-year...

    My GPA now is 3.3 and hoping to boost it up after this semester...
    I volunteer regularly at a senior home and am a certified lifeguard and swimming instructor, worked part-time at Timmys until relocation and now have a part-time job at a local grocery store... I just hope age isn't that big of a deal because I know what I want and I'm working for it...
    Should I apply at all...
    (Very Worried. HELP Please!!!)
    Any advice will be greatly appreciated!!
    Happy Thanksgiving everyone!! <3
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  3. by   baesangw
    As Ive seen from what you wrote, you might not have the required courses to go into UBC nursing. I believe they require Anatomy or Physiology course prior to applying into them.

    Make sure you have the requirements before applying. If I were in your position I would apply anyways just to know where I stand.
  4. by   villanelle
    Thank you so much baesangw!!
    But I do have the Anatomy & Physiology courses (which are first-year...)... plus the English course...
    I'm just not sure if it's alright that my credits are mostly first-year....
  5. by   baesangw

    This is the link which shows you the equivalent courses you would need from your school. It has langara!. If you dont have the courses listed here its probably on the safe side for you to take the course they want you to take.

    If you took the course listed here its fine. If you didn't try calling the admissions office for a waive. Thats the best place to ask.

    Good luck~! Ive just finished my undergrad from University of Toronto and I applied for BCIT nursing. Lets try to say "hi!" when we bump into each other. LOL
  6. by   villanelle
    Aw thank you!! <3
    Good Luck to you as well!!
  7. by   BABYGIRLLL
    Hey!! I am applying for September 2012 intake at UBC too! Like you, I'm only 18 but should have almost 50 credits by the application deadline. GOOODLUCK TO ALL !!!!!!!!!!
  8. by   teeheeuhoh
    I applied too although I'm pretty sure I won't get in since my supplementary application doesn't have much stuff on it. Oh well doesn't hurt to try. If I don't get in I get to finish my other degree next year before applying again so it's all good

    By the way, the supplementary application for UBC is very very tedious and time consuming... I've heard it's quite difficult to get in.

    Good luck everyone!
  9. by   villanelle
    Are your courses mostly first-year too??

    Hello there TEEHEEHOH!
    Well well you never know till you try eh? I guess it will be time consuming and a long process with waiting anxiety etc. etc... but if it's alright that my credits are mostly first-year I'm gonna give it a try...!
  10. by   teeheeuhoh
    it doesn't matter if all your courses are first year ones as long as you have the equivalent of Eng 112 and Bio 153 (anatomy and physiology).

    The other requirement is that you have to have at least 48 university credits which you have so you're in good shape

    I don't even know what to fill in for half my supplementary application lol with leadership and past clubs and all that stuff... I wonder if we can use one thing more than once?
  11. by   BABYGIRLLL
    yes, im 2nd science @ ubc, so about half my credits are first year..
    hopefully we can do thissssss! =)

    I believe their quite strict on putting things on ONLY IN ONE AREA. pretty much you cant put the same thing it two boxes..

  12. by   sunship88
    Hi guys

    I just started the BSN program at UBC in September. The average age for our cohort is 27, and just over half of the students have prior degrees. The great thing about UBC is that they consider applicants from all backgrounds...sciences, arts, etc. Having work or volunteer experience in a health care setting is definitely an advantage, but put anything you have on the application (eg. camp counselling, part-time jobs, sports/extracurricular activities....anything that demonstrates that you are comfortable working with the public and people from a variety of backgrounds). From what I can tell they are really looking for mature students who can handle a (very!) heavy workload. Also....its okay to apply with your pre-reqs still in progress, they only look at your GPA up until December 2012.
  13. by   teeheeuhoh
    Thanks for the info

    Do you know how many people were admitted in your year (and how many applied)? From the last few years I hear 120 in some years and 90 in other years so I'm a little confused.
  14. by   BABYGIRLLL
    i went to the info night, it's 120.

    sunship88 , thanks for the info! it's a bit saddening to know the average age
    is 27... i hope if we are given the opportunity to attend the interviews, they won't discriminate against the younger applicants...