The University of Alberta?

  1. Is there anyone else out there that will be going to this program in the fall or that is already going there?

    I'm so grateful for finally having gotten into this program but now I'm a little concerned. The U of A is a huge place and I do hear from time to time people complaining about it, although other than huge classes, i don't think I have heard anything else. I really need some more imput from others, and if there are others out there on here, maybe we can help each other out!
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    I was accepted into the UofAlberta finally however I got accepted into Grant Macewan too. I'm probably going to Macewan because I've heard bad things about the teaching style at UofA (CBL) and also the cost is half at macewan. Also the UofA campus is pretty big and all your classes will be spread out all over campus whereas macewan is limited to robbins health center and has small class sizes. Either way consider your options well because you'll be there for 4 years.
  5. by   Fiona59
    Nursing school gives you what you put into it.

    Having said that the students that stand out on my unit were from the U and they didn't stand out for good reasons.

    GMU seems to better prepare their nurses to deal with the work on the floor and not have such a huge focus on "I want to work in Community Health" or "management is my aim" type students.

    I know it's all up to the individual, but honestly that's what we've been seeing lately. I don't know if it's the instructors or the students themselves that feel above the working nurses.
  6. by   Dezy
    Man I seriously hope that people don't view me as a crappy nurse cuz I went to the U of A... I'm mainly going because I had such a rough time being jerked around with Grant Macewan thats when I got my U of A acceptance letter I decided not to care about Grant Mac anymore. I know everything is big and spaced out but I'd like to think I could still have a great experience...
  7. by   Novo
    Sorry I wasn't trying to discourage you. U of A is a great school and like Fiona said it's what you put into it. The only reason people view uofa student like that is probably because they don't get as much clincal hours as grant macewan. I think Uofa starts clinical in 2nd year and macewan in 1st.

    Anyways goodluck
  8. by   Dezy
    I think that must be a rumor. at first I heard the same thing but I am scheduled for clinical right after the fall.
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    sorry, i was just wondering if you are going in straight from high school or from prior postsecondary studies, and what grade you got in with?
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    Quote from Dezy
    I think that must be a rumor. at first I heard the same thing but I am scheduled for clinical right after the fall.
    Check the actual number of hours that you will be on the floor. One recent hire told us that her group spent under six hours a shift on the floor in LTC. You need to survive a full shift in order to know how to work.

    PN students pull at least seven hours per shift. When I trained we couldn't pass the clinical side of the semester unless we could handle an assignment. That was five patients, meds, care, etc with only using our "buddy" nurse as a resource.

    You need the time and the experience.
  12. by   Dezy
    3 days a week, 7am to 4pm is what I have scheduled.
  13. by   Lolo55
    My cousin just graduated from the nursing program at U of A and she loved the school and loved the program! She actually just returned from doing her final semester in Africa!
  14. by   Fiona59
    Quote from Dezy
    3 days a week, 7am to 4pm is what I have scheduled.
    Have never seen students work those hours. Usually they arrive in the hospital around 0645 for a briefing with their instructor. Then they leave the floor sometime between 1345 and 1415 for a debriefing. Some then return around 1500 (shift change for staff) and grab the charts as staff are trying to work with them.

    Do us a favour and remember that we know you need to research your patients for tomorrow morning but we have to get to the charts to verify meds, check orders, timings for procedures, etc. Never tell someone who needs the chart, "you can have it as soon as I've finished with it". It's been done to more than a few of us.