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hey everyone!:welcome: the last couple of years i've been working as a paramedic in british columbia, canada and have found that i'm better suited for nursing, i love the job but i can't stand... Read More

  1. by   Fiona59
    Quote from Gonnagetthere
    I am wanting to enroll in an LPN program, but the only one in Kamloops is at Sprott Shaw. Anyone have an experience there good or bad? Any other LPN programs near Kamloops? Although because I have shared custody of my kids I'm not sure I can relocate to another city.
    Isn't there a programme through the university there? Okanagan or Interior (can't remember what it's called) but I know we have posters that did it.
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    Quote from Gonnagetthere
    I am wanting to enroll in an LPN program, but the only one in Kamloops is at Sprott Shaw. Anyone have an experience there good or bad? Any other LPN programs near Kamloops? Although because I have shared custody of my kids I'm not sure I can relocate to another city.
    Doesn't TRU have it? Don't do SS, not worth the $$$
  3. by   OgopogoLPN
    Brandon99, that is great that you are having a positive experience at SS. It's good to hear that for all that $$$, you are learning and feel positive about your experience.

    However, there are public CC that don't have waiting lists (Okanagan College). That doesn't mean everyone gets in though. You apply with your prerequisite GPA and if you're in the top 26 applicants for that intake, you're in. I didn't have to wait. And my total cost, including books was about $5,500.

    It is also great that you qualified for sponsorship though HRDC. It is a good program for those whose jobs have been eliminated due to a poor econcomy. I do however have a problem with tax dollars being used to fund students to the most expensive program out there. I think that any student who qualifies for HRDC funding should have to go the least expensive route the the tax payers.==Community College.

    You sound very gung ho to do great in your course and be a fabulous nurse when you're done. Just beware that in the economy and due to the over abdundance and over saturation of LPNs (ESPECIALLY in the Lower Mainland!), finding a job will likely be difficult. If you read posts here and other online forums, there are many, many experienced LPNs who cannot find a job to save their life from Chilliwack right through to Kitsilano.

    Also, FHA has made it a policy that they will only hire LPNs from public institutions. ( I don't recall which health authority Maple Ridge falls into). So graduating from SS, no matter how a good a nurse you are, is a strike against you in this job market.

    I bet $23,000 that the recruiters at SS didn't tell you that one.
  4. by   Fiona59
    Thanks, Ogopogo. I'd heard rumours about a hiring "ban" on SS but wasn't sure about it.

    What turned me off big time with SS was there blatant lies in their ads. When I lived and worked on Vancouver Island, SS was busy promising people who had lost their jobs in lumber and fishing almost instant jobs after doing their PN course. When I went to apply for EI, they told me it was going to be a long wait to find work as an LPN in the area because of the limited employment opportunities there despite years of experience in a nationally recognized specialty service. I did eventually find a job (not in my specialty) but it took nearly a year.

    SS left a really sour taste in a lot of their new grads when reality hits.
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    Quote from Brandon99
    Okay, here's one side. . I am 39 married, 4 kids and just left a dying construction industry with my tail between my legs and dog tired of investing into someone else’s dream. . . . The Baby boomers just started retiring and by 2031 25% of Canadians will be retired with the largest multicultural scope Canada has ever seen. There is going to be a very different looking horizon coming up. There will be work, we may need to be entrepreneurial but hey when haven’t Canadians overcome? Ask yourself whether what you are currently doing (how your are choosing) is bringing you nearer to, or further away from you goal?
    Thank gawd for cut and paste.

    You'll be 40 or 41 when you graduate. Fast forward to 2031. You'll be heading to 60.

    The reality is there are very few nurses that age slogging in the trenches. I'm in my early 50s and already planning my exit. The floors are hard on you physically and mentally. There is no way you can prepare yourself for it other than eating well, trying to get some exercise, and praying that your unit is well staffed so that you don't find yourself injuring yourself trying to turn a 350lb patient. My most recent injury was totally avoidable but the patient decided otherwise.

    LPNs have limited management opportunities and that's where the older RNs gravitate to. Want to teach in an PN programme? You need a degree in either education or in nursing. Light duty units are hard to locate because day surgery, outpatients clinics, cataracts, dialysis have traditionally been a place that back injuries wind up.

    At the end of the day on my surgical unit I can only think of three nurses older than me and they are all under 60.

    I hope nursing lives to your image and that SS hasn't sold you (and thetaxpayer) a pup.
  6. by   oopsyadaisy
    DO NOT GO TO SPROTT Shaw.Everywhere I go here in the lower fraser valley they will not hire of you go there. They go figure hire vancouver career students and UFV students. Be careful who goes on here and says otherwise. Do your research. They cringe if you mention sprott down here.!
  7. by   Gonnagetthere
    I know someone who did SprottShaw last year and they found a job in the interior. I would like to study and work in my hometown, but need to be prepared for future job opportunities that may take me to another city, so maybe Sprott isn't a viable choice. Kamloops TRU doesn't have an LPN programme, just the Williams Lake TRU campus. May have to see about the alternate year intakes in Salmon Arm. Any input would be helpful, especially from you working LPN's and RN's who see the hiring process of new grads.
  8. by   oopsyadaisy
    Funding has been given to Vancouver Island at one of their school. I have been in contact with the education minister of B.C. I am doing the care aide as the funding for LPN was cut. BUT i heard VCC is also talking about having a bridging program for that.

    Your options are as follows.
    Vancouver Community college
    Stenburg college (I know people in my family who went there and got jobs)
    Vancouver Career College. Now THIS depends on which campus you go to. I did a LOT of interviews throughout the lower fraser valley and the abbotsford campus is great. Im there now and I had reservations. Not anymore. The insructor is funny and thorough. She tells us what to expect and is not a tight ass. There are people that go there that travel from Vancouver. In fact its so packed we had to move our class over to to their sister MTI for a room.

    NOW UFV in Chilliwack is good because its cheaper. And some of their practicums are at the hospital whereas ours are not. BUT the instructor is harsh. And there hours are really long.

    If you want relaxed atmosphere with good schedules for school. VCC in abbotsford. (They get hired more over UFV too go figure.)
    If you want demanding schedule harsh teachers but CHEAPER big time go to UFV.

    Just whatever you do dont Sprott Shaw it. Ive dont the interviews. They will hire if they are desparate but rather not.
  9. by   Gonnagetthere
    I don't have much choice of attending, as I'm pretty much tied down Kamloops, just want to hear from anybody employed with Interior Health Authority and took LPN from SprottShaw. Would rather not fork over the dough, but I can't really up and move.
  10. by   Stephanita
    I've dealt with both SS and stenberg graduates on the floor. I felt Stenberg college, for the most part, better prepared students. In addition, I've also found private school graduates are much more adaptable to patient loads than public (Vancouver Comm. College)

    I almost feel VCC babies their students by starting them off so slowly with patient loads so when they are in their preceptorship, it's almost as if they cannot handle it where as Stenberg and SS are given multiple patients from the beginning and come out quite confident.

    When applying, I would ask where their preceptorships are held. You want acute experience as most first jobs are offered via good feedback from preceptors

    CDI on the otherhand - I've heard many stories of NEW LPNs teaching some of their courses which leaves me wary of the future of PN graduates.
  11. by   Gonnagetthere
    I've been told by Interior Health that they do hire Sprott Shaw grads. Any interior LPN's have comments, what do you see in the current and future employment trends?
  12. by   fisrtclassadvice
    Hello Paramedic 80,

    I would absolutely NOT recommend SPROTT-SHAW Community College. It was the most terrible experience anyone could ever have. Many other students felt the same way and we all wanted to leave there. Unfortunately, we were all in the same boat - on the hook for tons of $$$$ and a bad experience.

    After graduation, they didn't care about us! They promised to help us find work as part of their last curriculum and we weren't allowed to even use the computer room to type our resumes!

    They have false advertising and all they care about is taking your hard earned money. They treat the school like a shady business rather than an actual school.

    My advise: Run away from there as fast as you can! Go to public colleges, it is much more worth the wait AND employers prefer to hire you from a public institutions rather than from a place with a BAD REPUTATION!!! Their bad reputation exceeds them!

    Hope that helps anyone planning to go there.
  13. by   fisrtclassadvice
    I know first hand from applying to many facilities that grads from Sprott Shaw are put at the bottom of any hire list. My friends have gone to VCC and UFV and they were able to get interviews and jobs 90 percent faster than i did.

    I was also told by a manager in Fraser Health that they look at Sprott Shaw graduates LAST due to their lack of training.