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I'm applying to the second entry nursing program in February 2018 for Fall 2018 admission. I'm applying to York, Humber, Trent, Nipissing and potentially Western. I'll be applying with a BA in psych.... Read More

  1. by   laura_j
    Quote from bnavas
    Does anyone know if it's okay to take CRP-HCP instead of just CPR-C? The program that I'm currently in requires HCP, but if I get into Toronto, will that be okay?
    CPR-HCP is fine, it's the exact same content as CPR-C it just has an additional unit for health care providers. I think it actually might be beneficial that you're doing HCP, long-term it makes more sense to take and it's only marginally more expensive. Also, I'm fairly positive that employers require HCP. In two years when you graduate you'll still be covered and just have to recertify the following year
  2. by   ICUAndYouAreAmazing
    Hello everyone!

    Long time lurker, just was too shy to reach out.
    I applied to UofT and Western, was rejected from UofT and waitlisted at Western.

    I noticed not too long ago that someone mentioned that they started accepting people off the waitlist at an 82.77% already for Western- I was wondering from those of you who still may be on it (like myself) what your average is (in percentage if possible)?

    I have already started looking into reapplying but I am still adjusting to gaining more nursing experience as my previous field was Kinesiology and then Sports Medicine.

    Good luck to those in my boat and congrats to those who made it to the shore!