Langara January 2018

  1. Hey Guys,

    Just wondering if anyone has thought about applying for the Jan 2018 intake yet? I'm finishing up my second A&P credit, as well as Stats, and currently am sitting at a 3.5 GPA with the 2 English and 1st A&P prereqs. Worst case, with the two final classes, it will drop down to between 3.4-3.3. I do have a Bachelor's in Psych and English, but my GPA from that was far less than stellar, so I'm hoping they don't look into those grades at all.

    I'm panicking a bit though, as I don't have many options aside from Langara. I didn't plan on nursing at all up until like last year (hooray for useless Arts Degrees), so I don't have volunteer hours or any of the high school pre-reqs like Chem and Math. Also, I can't afford to wait any longer to get this going.

    Does anyone know the GPA cutoff for the last few intakes? I keep reading that nothing less than 3.6 will get in, and if by some miracle I ace Stats and A&P II, I'll barely hit that at 3.67.

    I hope that the presence of a degree will help but this high GPA cutoff has me really nervous.

    Any and all answers are appreciated
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  3. by   Twinkyswirl

    I'm applying for the Jan 2018 intake as well. I have a 3.4 GPA, and I'm taking my last two prerequisites which are both English.

    From what I hear, anyone with a Bachelors degree will pretty much get automatic acceptance into the program as long as they meet the requirements. Degree holders always get their acceptance letters first (regardless of GPA), and any spots left goes to those without degrees (based on highest GPA). So, I think you'll be fine.
  4. by   sidhua

    I've been seeing the comment that if you have a Bachelors degree, you automatically get in if you have the minimum GPA of 2.33. Is this actually correct?
  5. by   rxty
    The GPA cutoff for the past intakes other than the most recent one (January 2017) are irrelevant as the pre-req's were changed.
    The new pre-reqs made the average to get in MUCH lower (from 3.9 down to 3.0)
    The cause of the drop is the removal of "booster" courses where people would take the easiest post-secondary credits and get a 4.33 In them.
    Replacing the "booster courses" are English 1129/30 and A&P 2, which are much harder courses.

    However, the GPA for intake is expected to rise as time goes on. The reason the GPA for intake was so low (3.0) was because it was the first intake with the new requirements and as such, many people did not have the new requirements. Less applications = less competition.

    And yes, if someone applies with a degree as long as they have the VERY MINIMUM requirements they are given admission (From an information session at Langara).
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  6. by   Warfarin
    Hi there,
    I'm also planning to get into Langara by January of 2018. I'm finishing up on Engl 1129 this semester, so I can't apply for Fall 2017 yet. I totally understand the frustration of waiting; it reminds me of Bob Marley's song, "Waiting in Vain" haha (story of my life)...
  7. by   Scylent
    Hey! Asking out of curiosity - what will be your GPA when you apply after this semester?
  8. by   rxty
    I'm doing English 1129 right now so I won't know my GPA i'll be applying with until April.
    However, my GPA with the two Bio courses, stats and English 1127 is 4.0
    I'll be sure to post here when I get my final grade for ENG 1129
  9. by   csum
    Hey! I'm also applying for the Jan 2018 intake. Just finishing up my second half of the biol pre-requisite at the moment. I already have a bachelors degree already - fingers crossed!
  10. by   rxty
    Just received my ENG 1129 mark, finished with a "B+"
    So i'm now applying with a 3.866

    Hope to see you all there
  11. by   saylorgunn
    Hi all. Applying with a 4.33!
  12. by   jennnnie
    Hi guys! I'm applying with a 4.13 and a degree. Anyone else applying with a degree as well?

    Good luck to all of us! =]
  13. by   saylorgunn
    Does anyone know when they start notifying people? I know that it closes May 31st, and then degree holders are notified first, but I'm not sure of any dates.
  14. by   rxty
    Quote from saylorgunn
    Does anyone know when they start notifying people? I know that it closes May 31st, and then degree holders are notified first, but I'm not sure of any dates.
    From past threads about January intakes at Langara, they seem to send them out at the start of/mid July.