BCIT Jan 2013 Applicants

  1. Just wanted to get something started as I will be applying for this intake. Let's get this thread going. Fill me in on who you are and why you are applying bcit's nursing program.

    I was told that BCIT is the most recognized institution of all nursing schools in BC. There clinical hours which I like and it's a 3 year program. It is also the most competitive, therefore the brightest, smartest, and well rounded individuals will be there. I want to be associated with a competitive environment, makes me work harder and we can learn from each other.

    I am currently at kwantlen completing my pre reqs. I have completed my 1st year english and 1st year psych. I will be taking libs 7001 and 7002, 200 level psych course and 2 other bio courses.
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  3. by   sourpickle93
    Hi there

    I think that's awesome that you have chosen to achieve your BSN degree at BCIT. Please stick with this school you won't regret it once you get a very well paid job.
    You are very much right. BCIT is a very recognized institution and it is very intense only because they get you well prepared for whatever it is that you are pursuing! That's the main reason why I have chosen to stay at BCIT and I just love their learning system.

    Everyone is nice as well!

    I'm 19 years old and I'm going to apply for BCIT nursing for the 2013 intake for either January or August it doesn't matter to me.
    I'm going to apply with 45.5 credits of Post secondary credits including all the nursing pre-reqs which includes ENG 1177, Psych 1/2, Libs 7001/7002 and two Lib electives with a well maintained GPA. Also I have volunteering experience in Health related areas such as the Canadian Red Cross, Surrey Memorial Hospital and the Seniors home. I have well over 100 hours+ references from them.

    I have taken all of my 45.5 credits at BCIT burnaby campus.

    You will greatly increase your chances of getting into the nursing program if you've completed the required nursing pre-req courses! I know some people that have applied with 60+ credits but none of the pre-reqs and they didn't get into the program. And then there are people who get in with less credits with all the pre reqs.

    Too bad we can only take HMGT 7180 only when you are in the program. It is a highy competitive program I know. But just do what you need to do and there should be no reason for you to not get accepted!

    I think it's important to do all the pre reqs before applying to the program so then you would not have to do it while you're in the program. I'm not trying to scare you or anything I'm just helping you out so you can get in. We're all in the same boat!

    You might want to double check and see if BCIT accepts Kwantlen post secondary courses. Last time I had checked they don't accept credits from Kwantlen!:S

    Thankyou for creating this thread! It's a great way to get to know one another and who is applying! I wish you all the best. You're on the right track so far. I hope to hear from you soon!!!
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  4. by   Chhun3
    It's nice to meet you. Your scaring me, BCIT doesn't accept Kwantlen credits? I just checked BC Transfer Guide and it says that the prerequisites ENG 1177 and psych 1101/1102 transfer over to kwantlen. When was the last time you check with BCIT that they don't accept kwantlen credits? What did they say about it? Thanks
  5. by   sourpickle93
    Really? That's so strange just last year in the summer time I applied for the english course at kwantlen and then I talked to a program advisor for the BCIT nursing program and told her what my plans were and she said that BCIT No longer accepts courses from kwantlen :S
    I lost $250 dollars and that's why I did all my Post secondary credits at BCIT.

    But double check maybe things have changed? There seems to be no straight forward answer to this. It's frustrating!
  6. by   Vi_Li
    Hi Chhun3,

    I'll be starting Nursing in August 2012 and I've spoken to a Nursing advisor about Engl 1100 and Psyc 1100 taken previously at Kwantlen. She said that they are transferrable to BCIT.Also,now I'm taking LIBS 7001 and LIBS 7002 which have both as a pre-requisite Engl 1177.So,you should be just fine with your Engl and Psyc pre-requisites.
    Hope this helps.
  7. by   Chhun3
    Thank you Vi Li

    Yeah, I called the advior last week and he told me that my credits will transfer over. I was very please to get confirmation. I forgot to ask him whether human anatomy and physiology will compensate for bio 12, since my bio 12 has exceeded the 5 year requirement. Do you have any information about this? Thanks
  8. by   Vi_Li
    unfortunately, i’m not aware of the bio requirement transferability; i had to refresh my bio too
  9. by   Fiona59
    To the OP:

    At the end of the day, it usually doesn't matter where you went to school but that you pass the National Exam after the first try.

    Every programme likes to think that it is the best and attracts the best and brightest.
  10. by   Chhun3

    I totally agree with you, the institution that you enroll in shouldn't determine how good of a nurse you will be. However the world doesn't work like that, it's fake. I think going to a recognized nursing school will have a slight influence of getting a job. But yes, it shouldn't matter which nursing school you go to.
  11. by   Jadebl
    Hi Vi_Li,I was just wondering if you were on a wait list for August 12, or if you have already been told that you are accepted? That is so exciting! I have applied for this August as well so I'm patiently waiting for my acceptance... Or refusal? How did your application look?
  12. by   MPKH
    Quote from Chhun3
    Fiona59,I totally agree with you, the institution that you enroll in shouldn't determine how good of a nurse you will be. However the world doesn't work like that, it's fake. I think going to a recognized nursing school will have a slight influence of getting a job. But yes, it shouldn't matter which nursing school you go to.
    Sorry to burst your bubble but the school you go to really doesn't factor into hiring decisions. What managers and HR care about are 1) is the nursing program you attended legit and accredited? 2) that you actually received the education you claim you did, aka your degree 3) did you pass your CRNE and do you hold a current licence to practice and finally 4) how well you sell yourself during interviews...your "fit" so to speak.BCIT definitely have a good nursing program but the fact that you attended BCIT will not make you more attractive to hire than another candidate from another school.Good luck with your application.
  13. by   kaaychen
    Hey everyone! I was just wondering if there are courses in other schools that are equivalent to LIBS 7001/ 7002 at bcit?
    Those lib classes seem to be full for the summer semester. Thanks!
  14. by   aburns7
    I've looked on the BC transfer guide and it doesn't seem like LIBS 7001/7002 have an equivalent. I do know that you need an additional 6.0 or so credits to complete the program and there are many classes at other schools that go towards those.

    Also just wondering, has anyone heard anything from BCIT yet? My online application has been "pending department review" for what feels like forever!!