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Just wanted to get something started as I will be applying for this intake. Let's get this thread going. Fill me in on who you are and why you are applying bcit's nursing program. I was told that... Read More

  1. by   smiley65
    Good luck you guys. Sending positive thoughts xo
  2. by   Chhun3
    Hey guys, I received notice that my application was a "non offer." I was confident that I would at least get shortlisted, but that didn't happen. This is a very competitive program.

    I applied with 55 credits with an overall GPA of 3.6.
    I completed: 6 credits of first year english
    6 credits of first year psych
    6 credits of 200 level psych
    3 credits of first year sociology
    3 credits of Libs 7001
    3 credits of Libs 7002
    4 credits of Anatomy & Physiology 1
    4 credits of Anatomy & Physiology 2

    I also worked at London Drugs for 6 years and volunteered at the BC Cancer Agency for a year, racking up over 100 hrs of volunteer experience.

    I sent the advisor a message regarding the reason why I was an non offer. I'm going to assume it is the credits, it is plausible that at least 96 applicants have 60 credits or more.

    Good luck to all of you!
  3. by   careubc
    Wow, thats surprising you didn't get shortlisted with that. I'm guessing it was the credits too - I heard they want at least 60. You were so close though and had the electives done so that's just surprising. I'm a little more nervous now but remaining optimistic. Good luck with the fall intake! I'm sure you'll get in then.
  4. by   iheartpurple
    Chhun3: wow I was reading that and I was thinking this application has so much 'umph' to it! That really makes that 60 credit line real if it is just a matter of 5 credits!! You even have the liberal electives. If you just need that much more, you will for sure have a strong application in the fall! Best of luck Chhun3!

    I am trying my best to keep my optimism up!! Good luck to everyone else who hasn't heard yet!
  5. by   iheartpurple
    I am writing a paper on personality and I cannot keep thinking how I have just had four people rate me high on neuroticism and conscientiousness. I am organized and an avid worrier... The latter is perfect for writing a paper whilst knowing something is so close, yet so gosh darn far away!
    *I know I am procrastinating by jumping on here again but I cannot help it! Tonight has a special reason to procrastinate.
  6. by   BulmaBriefs
    Chhun3, Don't give up. I'm so sure that if you apply again your application will be much stronger and you'll get in! All the best to you. I'm surprised that you didn't get shortlisted with what you had...it's indeed a very competitive intake, that's for sure.

    I still haven't heard anything. I'm losing it, verrrrry slowly! Gah!
  7. by   ty_bot
    Hi all,

    I've been reading this forum quite a bit and decided to finally post. This is killing me.

    This is my second time applying to BCIT's program with a non-offer last time around. I'm hoping that my 90-ish credits will be enough to get me through as opposed to last applications 52 credits. I've been told they send out results in bunches, so do you think they were addressing your specific group BulmaBriefs?

    Thanks and good luck to everyone.
  8. by   BulmaBriefs
    Okay, so you guys..I have bad news. I contacted my admissions officer and she told me that applicants will be heard if they are going to be shortlisted by the FIRST WEEK OF NOVEMBER! This is absolutely frustrating and unfair! We get so little notice and get lots of waiting. I've never been do disappointed in my life before. I'm extremely frustrated!
  9. by   Progressor
    The way BCIT treats their future nursing students is disgraceful. It really shows lack of respect. There is no valid excuse for such little notice before the start of the program.
  10. by   jasn
    @Progressor - I think that's taking it a bit far. You knew from the getgo when you applied, what the deadlines for applications were. Did you really think that they were going to sort through 300-600 applications right away in June (or whenever the deadline was?). There is a reason why BCIT nursing students are highly respected on the wards - BCIT takes their time to select the best fit for the program (as opposed to those with only the highest marks, like other schools). It is an intense, compressed program, and if you didn't like the deadlines, then you could have chosen another school to apply to. A quick search online, or a call to admissions, could have told you the same thing - October and November is when you will find out. It is what it is.

    And as a nursing student at BCIT, I was never treated with anything but respect from every staff member on campus. It is a fantastic program with fantastic instructors. My experience here did not even compare to previous university education. Most of my classmates received more than one job offer upon graduation, and I know for a fact that's not always the case with students from other programs. I hope if you are accepted to BCIT, your attitude changes.
  11. by   BulmaBriefs
    Hi Jasn,

    I think it's just the fact that we're going to be hearing if we are shortlisted in the first week of november, rather than October. We did get an email saying we'd hear back from sept 1st through the 31st of October but now that's not the case. I know that they have to go through hundreds of applicants in order to pick the most suitable applicants but they could have at least somehow or in some way notify applicants that there could be a delay with the applications. Aside from this, we have to prep for something that we could be doing something for 3 years straight. Such as going through student loans, immunizations, and etc. These things take time and it can be frustrating as well as time consuming. BCIT is without a doubt one of the best schools and the staff are amazing but we just keep getting different answers of when we will be notified, there's like no one answer to this. It's definitely a long wait and it's not easy for students to wait without hearing anything from the department.

    Progessor is just as frustrated as I am or any other students, which can be understandable, I mean waiting is such a pain, even despite knowing what time frame we may be notified at. If BCIT wasn't a great school, it wouldn't have gotten so many applicants. I know this is the school I'm going to stick with no matter what!

    Anyways, congratz on being a nursing student at BCIT. If you don't mind me asking, do you remember how long it took you to find out? I wish you all the best for your future studies.

    I think all this waiting is starting to get to us. I think we all need a break.
  12. by   jasn
    Hi BulmaBriefs - I appreciate your response. I know it is frustrating, as I was once there too. I believe I found out October 31 (several years ago - so the system hasn't changed much). BUT, I hope you guys keep some perspective. There are SO MANY applications to get through; emailing everyone regularly (or even once) with updates on the process would be a ridiculous, time-consuming process. Nevermind the fact that at least half those people will email back with further questions once you dangle a contact address in front of them!

    Patience is something you'll need a lot of, especially as a nursing student at BCIT. Often times we only got our schedules and clinical placements 1-2 weeks before the term, and I have heard lately that some groups get them on the first day! As I said before, it is what it is, and the sooner you learn to just accept it and ride the wave, the more you'll actually enjoy your three years at BCIT. Best of luck to you and the other applicants.
  13. by   BulmaBriefs
    Thanks, Jasn. I know the nursing department may be getting tons of emails (which may be annoying, stressful and time consuming for them) and it's definitely not easy replying back to so many emails and questions to answer and etc. I bet they're just as frustrated as we are, lol. I've definitely learnt how to be more patient after all this wait, that's for sure. BCIT is such a reputable school and has the best nursing program so I'm sure all the wait will be worth it in the end.

    Good luck to everyone!