Balancing Work and School

  1. Hello everyone,

    I will be going back to school to study RPN bridging to RN at Centennial College - Morning side Campus this fall 2014. I took the Flexible schedule #Code 9253, 3 semesters, 1 year.

    I am working a non - nursing job.

    OSAP is giving me $820 for 2 semesters. So I will be paying out the rest out of my own pocket. Tuition fees for 3 semesters: ~6k or more.

    I want everyone to share their opinions, comments, advice, etc.

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  3. by   Fiona59
    Most of us paid for own education. I got $1000 towards mine when I applied for my student loans. Something to do with being a mother returning to the workforce. There really isn't much out there for the over 40 crowd.

    Many of my classmates worked during the programme. A couple worked in long term care facilities, some in fast food others in retail. Usually around 12-18 hours a week. They did fine.

    It just takes organization and honesty with your employer.
  4. by   xokw
    I am confused about what you are asking.
  5. by   Fiona59
    Quote from xokw
    I am confused about what you are asking.
    So was I. But I think he's asking if it can be done.

    Looking through some of his earlier posts didn't help much either.

    I was going to suggest joining the Reserves in a Field Ambulance Unit because he's stated being a military nurse is his dream. Then he said he's applied for Citizenship, so that isn't an option.
  6. by   hypnotizer90
    I'm sorry if I confused you. I'm just looking for some inputs on how others finish their program while working and studying.
  7. by   hypnotizer90
    Sorry If I confused you. My thoughts are just not that clear at the moment. But I want some advice on how to balance school and work in order to succeed. I need some ideas from persons who have experienced it. Thank you.
  8. by   hypnotizer90
    Thank you for sharing. I work hard and I have the passion to finish whatever I started. I'm just in doubt of myself. The uncertainty is just stressful.
  9. by   hypnotizer90

    I just wanted to let you know that it can be done or succeed even if you are working and doing school at the same time because I did it.