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Hello, I have just enrolled in the Post LPN to RN degree at AU. I am in the process of having my prior post-secondary credits transferred. Yay! This goes out to anyone who has taken the program,... Read More

  1. by   Funke68
    Hi, I just started in January and doing cluster a courses. ho was statistics and HSLT 320
  2. by   Trishrpn80
    I did stats at athabasca.. I hated every minute of it but if you stay focused you will make it through. The tutor i had was great about answering questions . The minute I was done i dumped all that info out of my brain lol
  3. by   superbui

    im currently a student at algonquin college in my first year. I won't be finding until next August since my program is running from jan-aug. I am considering of doing the program of AU and was wondering if u could share your experience more to me. I was reading this thread and it has made me realize that I may not finish as fast as I thought I would be because of no clinical placements available? Was this true in your situation? And does that mean that after I finish the program I must pay to get licensed in Alberta, and then after if I want to work in Ontario, get anotherlicensed for Ontario?

    Thank you

  4. by   trishmac
    I have just started enrolling in the program...and I am a little worried about the clinical process...where did everyone find housing etc?
  5. by   jessica.l
    Hey! I'm looking at starting cluster a in January. Any advice? Do you like it? I don't like math class and have an opportunity to take the stats class at my local college and transfer credit. What is your input on the program? Much appreciated thanks!
  6. by   jessica.l
    I am interested as well. I have family in and around Calgary but it's hard to get answers from the university until your at that point iv been told
  7. by   jessica.l
    I would also like to know the answer to this question
  8. by   Countrynurse17
    Myself as well, also rpn in ontario, looking at the same root!
    Id love to get in touch and hear how the entry process was transfer credit wise.
  9. by   humber
    Me too I'm interested in the program. Has anyone gotten any transfer credit from courses taken in the practical nursing program eg English & Psychology?

    Also how long did the evaluation take
  10. by   Trishrpn80
    All PN courses that you took go to your 30 credits that they count toward the 120 for a bachelors for the advance standing.

    Any university courses you may take extra would count as electives though
  11. by   Joannevanwho
    Hi there,
    wondering how your studies are now? Is
    it taking a long time? I'm just starting. Any advice?
  12. by   Nova Scotia
    Hi everyone. Just wondering how everyone is doing with the courses, how you are managing with life around it, work,kids, etc and does anyone have more infor about the clinicals.

  13. by   LindsayEvaMaria
    I also just enrolled! How was your first year!?