April 2018 BCIT Nursing

  1. Is anyone else feeling anxious ?!
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  3. by   aaaibra
    I am so anxious! Do you have any idea when we will hear back??
  4. by   al-j3an
    No idea
    When did u apply?
    Everyone I've spoken to applied for the January intake I have yet to hear applicants for April!
  5. by   aaaibra
    I applied back in may for the april intake. Super nervous as this is my second time applying. What did you apply with in regards to gap, volunteering, work exp and all that stuff? Did you apply of april? I think we will hear back after the jan applicants get all sorted
  6. by   willco
    I applied for the April intake and completed the prereqs last minute, like, i finished a self paced chemistry 11 in 2 weeks with a whole lotta unit tests LOL
  7. by   al-j3an
    My gpa is well above average, but not super high either. I've volunteered through Fraser health, but also at a nursing home and children's programs though those were a couple years ago so I'm not sure if that will count. I'm currently a supervising MOA for a plastic surgeon. I've worked in an Opthalmologist office as well as walk-in/prenatal clinic. I was a shift manager for 5 years in retail. My concern is I have taken several LIBS courses, but I'm wondering if I should've taken more electives. Yup I applied for April
  8. by   Jaysky
    Hey guys! I've applied back in June for the April 2018 intake and I've been really anxious ever since then.
  9. by   willco
    When do yall think we'll get an email if we get shortlisted or not?
  10. by   al-j3an
    No idea =( I keep checking my mailbox.

    Out of the 6 people I know who applied for Jan 2018, only 1 got accepted. I wonder how many applicants there was for April.
  11. by   aaaibra
    They said we would find out for shortlisting in november and then our final status in february
  12. by   Jaysky
    OMG, we still have to wait for that long?!
  13. by   ph14extra
    Hi guys! I also applied to the April intake. Does anyone know when specifically in November they will email us about shortlisting? I keep checking my email!
  14. by   aaaibra
    they didn't give a specific time they just said november. I'm guessing we will find out mid-end of november