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You don't seem to know anything about the nation of Canada. How the regions are divided, how large a country we are. We aren't an outpost of the US, so of course we have our own registration exams.

We have provinces, not states. Colleges of Nursing not Boards. We are very different people from Americans and don't like it when people can not see the differences.

We have universal healthcare not private medicine.

I've never understood why students who went to the US to obtain a nursing education never want to return home to work in the country that raised and educated them. Then when their visas for the US run out, they suddenly expect Canada to open the doors and welcome them.

wow unbeleivable

Specializes in ER, Public Health, Community, PMHNP.
Thank you so much for your reply! I will do more research on it. :redpinkhe Appreciated!

good luck Ruby hope to see you working in a Canadian hospital soon, I meet some nurses in the NICu where my son spent 3 .5 months and they went to China to do some teaching, i was really shocked to hear about some of the nursing practices back there. For example they relied on visuals a lot when dealing with babies if they looked sick then they would try to intervene. They didnt even have stethascopes they relied on their hands to tell if someone was congested. I found that to be very interesting @ the time but it works for them

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