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Hi everyone! I am an IEN from the Philippines batch 2009 I moved here in Brampton last November 2010. I took the May 2012 CPNRE (first time) and still waiting for the results which will come out... Read More

  1. by   Rangeela
    Thank you Sadaf for your consideration. We are in same page, going through same pain and embarrassment. I just want to give a last try in feb as I have families to take of. Wether I pass or fail, I will leave to god's will. If I fail again, this will hurt my feeling and I will definitely regret for wasting my time, money and energy for nursing but this is not an end of my world. I will try to heal and move on. Another 4 months will be challenging for me but I have no choice. I have to move on. I can feel your pain Sadaf. Ever since I got my result I can't sleep, eat and concentrate. Hopefully by next week I can gain some strength to prepare for my final battle with Crne. I wish you a good luck.
  2. by   pavu
    hi Sadaf and Rangeela,
    i can understand your situation because i was in same boat last october when i fail 2nd time.But guys don't give up.You can do it. i passed this time and this was my last chance.if you need any help please PM me.and do prayers because GOD will pay off your hard work one day.alll the best for your future writing.i will pray for you guys.
  3. by   Rangeela
    Thanks a lot Pavu. I cannot pm u so can you pls contact me at my email @ Any study materials would be highly appreciated. Another kquestion did you prepared self study or with a group? Any different strategy you used during ur last attempt? My weaknessk was mostly in critical thinking n changes in health.Much appreciate your help. I wish you a bright future ahead.
  4. by   pavu
    at rangeela , please check your email..
  5. by   jvre888
    We are in a same boat. I faailed in my first attempt. I am so devastated and can't sleep at night. I lost my confidence and I don't know if I am able to take the test in the future.
  6. by   Rangeela
    I totally agree with you jvre88. But life goes on....we have no choice but try our best until the last attempt. I am so fed up with studying everyday with no life and that's why I want to try my last attempt in feb. I cannot wait until June that too long and stressful for me. Hey I have a note about crne study guide, it's good to go through. If you need one, let me know. My email address is mentioned above
  7. by   jvre888
    Email sent rangeela...
  8. by   nathan2005
    It there anyone out there who leave in Nova Scotia and is interested in a study group for CRNE Feb 2013? 2nd attempt
  9. by   stan_m
    Hi Rangeela & Sadaf.

    I really sorry to hear the results but DON'T GIVE UP. Now looking back and facing the future - you have to do THREE important things:
    1. You have to decide when you going to re-write your CRNE. If you do February 2013 exam - it will be easier than June 2013, when all graduates are going to write the exam. Statistically, CRNE is much harder in June of every year. You have to remember that you have less time to prepare if you do February 2013 exam.
    2. Look at your final score(s) and check what is (are) your weakest broad category(s) (Professional Practice, Nurse-Client Partnership, Health and Wellness, Changes in Health). When studying for your next exam, make sure you pay more attention to your weakest points of the exam.
    3. Study in different way. If you continue to do study like you've studied before, the results probably will be the same. You HAVE to do something different this time.
    I don't mind helping you guys and if you need any advice, help or suggestion. Message me or write me e-mail.
  10. by   Elliek
    @Sadaf, is totally understandable to be feeling this way. yes you might need one week to two weeks to believe that you have failed and there's nothing you can do about it to change it unless rewriting it again. In terms of studying you shouldnt be memorizing things, memorizing only goes to your short term memory and yes you forget the next day if you understand the rationales and use critical thinking of why things are happening it will stay in your long term memory. Try doing different things you did for your first of second try, did you study alone? I found that if you talk it doesnt even have to be with a huge group one person is enough. Also dont blame your religion, I know you probably think the world is against you but trust me the harder part is moving on which you have to do in order to pass this exam again. I also failed the first time and passed my second time and yes I found the second one easier because I noticed that I spent more time on the CNA questions and really i wasnt just reading them, usually every answer to a question has a theme, and these Themes are the competencies that you also need to re-read and understand everyday. When I wrote the exam the second time it was much easier because all the themes not memorization came to me again. Please dont be discouraged you need to get up be strong and you will succeed if you want to be a nurse as much as you want to breathe you will do IT!!!
  11. by   lemur00
    I'd agree with some of jan23's recommendations, although I would recommend studying ethics and professionalism more for IENs than Canadian grads. We should know that stuff at the end of four relentless years of it. I focused almost all of my attention on treating changes in health, other than going over the code of ethics again and some of the community stuff. I also started about a month and a half before the exam and studied for about an hour or two a day.

    For the Canadian grads I think it all comes down to exam skills and nerves. The exam is written by nurses, many of whom are educators in our programs. It really was formatted exactly the way all of our school exams were, with the same sorts of questions. I was actually concerned that I had gone over the thing three times and was sitting there looking around with more than an hour left. I was like "That's it?" but that mirrored my performance in school. So doing well in school but poorly on the exam says more about how you're approaching the exam than whether you know the material. Don't overthink it! It is important to read the questions carefully, but don't over analyze them. Answer them honestly.

    It's also a really inefficient use of time to agonize over every single question one at a time. I always read the entire exam quickly, answering only the questions I know the answers to. Then the answers I am reasonably sure about. Then with all those answered, go back and agonize over the ones left. That way you lose nothing, and those problem questions can sit in the back of your mind as you go on.

    I have to admit I was actually kind of disappointed that there were no ultra ridiculous questions because every nurse I know says "there was this ONE STUPID question..." Like people who wrote it in the 70s even say that. I was all where's my stupid question, CRNE?? I want to join the h8 and you're ruining it.
  12. by   Sadaf
    Quote from pavu
    at rangeela , please check your email..
    Hi Pavu and Rangeela
    I havnt has a chance to look at the postings because I was trying to find out if CNO/CNA/RNAO or CARE4Nurses offered and help and I had looked at other prep courses but all charge money and many say that you need to change something that you havnt in order to change ur results. I "DON'T KNOW" what to change . I am now going to write Pavu a personal email in order to gain more understanding as to how she prepared! I think I had over studied the last time but it still didn't help !!! Any comments suggestions please help " I am a sinking RN yet not a wreck yet" the final attempt is getting me to my bones as I think what on earth can I change in my self to change the result on this CRNE
  13. by   Sadaf
    Quote from pavu
    at rangeela , please check your email..
    Hi Pavu and Rangeela ,,, please contact me at I desperately need buddies to study with and I need Pavu to get in touch with me so that I can know better what YOU did that helped you make it. PLEASE Pavu may God bless you with a victorious career and you be a " a nurse educator specialist" not only to help ppl like my self who are sinking but you be that flash light in the dark like you seem to be for me. I am crying as I write this ,,,, please help me! I don't know where to go ,,,, what to do and who to ask for help