Crne february 5, 2014 takers

  1. Hi guys!

    To all of you who took the CRNE last February 5, 2014, do you have any idea how many weeks should we wait for the results?

    what could be the passing score? The exam was not an ordinary exam. I mean most of the cases are new (not the common dx of arf,crf,copd,mi etc). Also, the situations are not like for new Rn graduate.. I think you should have experience working in a hospital setting or special units because some of the questions are more of the routines in a hospital..not for nursing knowledge, anyways, good luck to all of us! In God, we trust!
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  3. by   Silverdragon102
    average wait for results are 6 weeks
  4. by   MintAnderson
    tHANK YOU FOR your reply. Do you know what is the average passing score? and how many takers in each province? Because in Ontario, there's only 4 venues and 2 venues in BC as well. But, there's a lot of venues available for June 2014. why?
  5. by   Silverdragon102
    June has a much bigger group due to many graduating. There isn't an average passing score as the pass number changes every time. This should give you an idea
  6. by   NotReady4PrimeTime
    All of this information has been provided for every single sitting of the exam for the past ten years. It isn't going to change until the new exam is in use, and then it will be a moot point.
  7. by   ammuu
    Hii ........ m waiting for results too....really anxious but as far as I have searched from different places only come to know they don't have specific numbers but changes with each exam........hope for best........fingers cross
  8. by   novascotia
    I don't suppose any of the February test takers have heard anything yet?
  9. by   petras

    I wrote on the 5th too and have yet to hear anything. I'm hoping we receive our grades before the end of next week; like many other nurses, I'm waiting to start working. This wait is dreadful !!
  10. by   you gene
    God bless us all February 5, 2014 crne test takers..good luck to all of us..
    Anyway, any updates of crne results?whether they have been mailed or who already got their marks and which province..thanks..good luck..God bless

    p.s. kINDLY PLEASE update for those who have credible news and those who have recieved their marks please..God bless us all!Good luck..Think Positive!
  11. by   throughsamseyes
    In Ontario, and still haven't received anything. Hopefully it comes soon!
  12. by   Silverdragon102
    Usually 6 weeks to get results so looking at another couple of weeks yet and usually smaller provinces get their results first due to less applicants like PEI, NS
  13. by   throughsamseyes
    I still haven't heard anything. Hopefully soon!

    FYI, I live in Ontario
  14. by   you gene
    Thanks i am in saskatoon saskatchewan