CPNRE June - July 2018 - page 15

Hey guys! I'm writing the CPNRE in a few days and I just wanted to create an updated CPNRE forum for 2018. I've been studying the 4th and 5th prep guide and took the predictor test (disappointing... Read More

  1. by   Martinjay

    mind sharing the screenshot's you took please. my email is martin.jay.n04@gmail.com thank you.
  2. by   Sars333
    Hi Lisa Stone,
    Do you mind sending me the study guides too?
    My email is sars20033@outlook.com
  3. by   rlfxsoothing
    Hi everyone, I will be writing CPNRE this September. I failed duing my first attempt and am afraid about the exam since I am left with only two chances. I will appreciate if anyone could send me the materials for exam preperation. My email id is rlfxsoothing@gmail.com
  4. by   Sars333
    Hi everyone!
    Would anyone please direct me to where I can obtain/purchase all of the prep guides. I have been looking everywhere to no avail.
    Thank you so much in advance.
  5. by   SharonAnneReilly1
    Hi LisaStone, I'm feeling the same as Martinjay! Would you be able to send me the prep guides also? I would be forever grateful!! Email is sharon.reilly58@gmail.com Thanks!
  6. by   MadiB1997
    Hi! Would you possibly be able to send me all 5 editions too? My email is madi97@live.ca . I write my exam in 3 weeks and I am so nervous.
  7. by   Raj777
    Did anyone ever questioned: why seeing worms around is the most common or common hallucination in people?
  8. by   ejose

    Anyone writing CPRNE in Winnipeg-Sept 2018?

    If you have the prep guide 1-5, could anyone forward to my email emilson.jose5@gmail.com please
  9. by   NotReady4PrimeTime
    These study guides are copyrighted AND they're not free.
  10. by   gatzy
    Hi Lisa! I'm about to take the CPNRE on Sept. 22. I'm just wondering if you could send me the prep guides. I already have the 4th and 5th. Hoping to have 1st to 3rd ed. Thank you. ar_matiling@hotmail.com
  11. by   Silverdragon102
    Closing this thread as everyone appears to be ignoring the fact that the study guides are protected by copyright laws and not free