Canadian Practical Registered Exam

  1. Help! Writing the my PN licensing exam On Sept 10, 2008 and I'm freaking.

    Been studying but every time I take practice questions i fail miserably
    So far I'm overwhelmed. There so much to learn. Need 240/300 to pass with 80%. I feel like giving up or that soemthing is wrong with me???

    Please give me some advise?
    What should my main area of study? Several nurses i have consulted mentioned blood transfusions, IV's, maternity, peds, and palliative.
    and some just tell don't worry i do fine???
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  3. by   loriangel14
    Are you using a prep guide? They usually contain good hints for being successful at the exam. Reading the questions carefully and picking out what they are really asking is very important. Try to identify which areas you are weakest in and focus on those.
    I am curious as to why you say you have so much to "learn". Didn't you learn any of this in class? Studying should be review, not learning for the first time.
    Best of luck.
  4. by   nursemama2be
    For me the anxiety pretest made it worse... when i actually sat in may it wasn't as bad as i thought it was going to be... yes it was long but make sure u know ur interventions and therapeutic communication and you read the question closely... do NOT over analyze the situation...

    The prep guide they do up is awesome... except i could stand a bit more on the rationale part because i could rationalize my other choices but that is because i was overanalyzing the situation...
  5. by   OgopogoLPN
    I will be writing as well on Sept 10th. I have the study guide and I've barely looked at it

    You don't "need" 80% to pass. It states in the study guide how it is graded in terms of passing or failing. My understanding is that it goes by an average.

    Something like this (I think)...if the averge score among writers is 75%, then you need 75% or more to pass. If the average score is 65%, then you need 65% or more to pass. I think they do it that way so that if the test is unusually difficult and most the average person got 65%, then that is the passing grade. (Not that I think someone should be licenesed if only getting 65%!!!).

    Don't quote me on this, but this is basically how it was explained to me and it does state how grading is done in the study guide, but their explanation is very long and convoluted.
  6. by   1976
    im new in toronto
    im preparing for rpn licence exam in 14 jan,
    still worried abt what to study &
    looking for exam review or prep classes &study material
    thanks &
    appriceat 4 answering me
    all sugestion & guidence
  7. by   mirakleen
    first of all good luck, study hard but don't overstress yourself and get a good night of sleep before actual exam date.

    All of the guide's i used i borrowed from the Toronto public library, often placed a book on hold about 2months prior to exam

    Mosbys Canadian Comprehensive Review of Nursing and
    Any NCLEX - PN or RN book is a good source

    try to focus on blood transfusions*, patients right to refuse treatment*, maternity/labor*/delivery* complications and development stages, IV's**

  8. by   1976
    Thank you so ooo much Markleen
    thanks 4 all helpfull advise
    i really appreciate a lot
  9. by   1976
    Hi Markleen
    as u mentiond about blood transfusion
    is this prosedure is allowed for RPN to conduct,
    i mean,it;s possible ther cud be question related to this topic
    in actual PN exam......
    well im actully worried abt my PN exam in Jan 2009
    confused as well ,how to prepair 4 it.
    Alwes WELCOME ur's advise &comment.

    i wud like to know abt ur;s exam as well
    how was it, as i have seen last post of ur;s abt
    PN licensing exam On Sept 10, 2008
    reply only if u don;t mind to shair this experience.
    i really dont mide if u don't......
    well alwes Good luck & best wishes is there 4 u,
    as u r so kind
    thanks again
    have a great day
  10. by   linzz
    The best way to prepare for this exam is to work hard at school and at clinical. Do all of your readings and do not skip class, review your notes, that kind of thing. Also use strategies for taking multiple choice exams, such as eliminating the two most wrong answers.

    It could be considered misconduct if any licenced nurse were to tell what is on the exam and it changes every year anyway. Just keep going over the study guide, and really read and undertand the rationale the give you.
    Best of luck.
  11. by   mirakleen
    Dear 1976 and others,

    Please note the content which I advised pre-examiners to study were arear’s of study I choose to focus on and not necessarily the content of the licensing exam. By best advice I can offer is to gain knowledge from your clinical experiences, remember your strengths and weaknesses and try to envision the situation (question) and use you critical thinking to apply to real life, but also draw from your lectures, notes, and skill labs
  12. by   Spritz
    I wrote the PN Exam in BC on Sept 10th. I found using the study prep guides to be a great help as that was the exam format. I studied throughout the summer while I was on preceptorship - just a few times a week and a bit of review on the math calculations. I think there was 1-2 math questions on the entire exam.
    Good luck
  13. by   capcake
    Hi I am a newbie here,,, i was wondering how many takes are they allowing for the PN exams? is it still 3 takes in toronto and then what happen if you failed the last exam? pls. advise.
  14. by   Fiona59
    Quote from capcake
    Hi I am a newbie here,,, i was wondering how many takes are they allowing for the PN exams? is it still 3 takes in toronto and then what happen if you failed the last exam? pls. advise.
    It's a national exam. So three attempts anywhere in the nation.

    Fail it three times and you're done. Remedial education is required. Up until two years ago, I'd only ever met one PN who failed it three times.