can i workin USA?


Can I apply or work in United States even if I have not taken the NLE?

What are my options?

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Please take the time to read this and the Philippine forum as much has already written about it plus suggested reading is also Primer to working in the USA and threads on retrogression. You are looking at approx 3-5 years to work in the US and much better to concentrate on local boards and gain nursing experience either in the Philippines or in another country

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I agree with silverdragon. It is better to take the NLE and gain some experience because we don't know when retrogression will end.

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Sure, you can apply for licensure and start the procedure, but what are you goinf to do in the next five years or so while waiting for a visa? Those that have experience are going to find it easier when it comes down to immigration selecting who they will issue a visa to in the first place.

Without the NLE, you are unable to work in your country as an RN, and also unable to work in most other countries as well.

And we are anticipating that the US will once again require the local license just as they did when the CGFNS exam was required by all.

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