Can you work in home health as a new CNA?

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I work in LTC right now, and this is my first CNA job. I've only worked there less than two months, but I'm thinking home health would be a better fit.

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Why not? I just started home health, but my agency hires quite a few LNAs (my state licenses CNAs).

It depends on whether or not an agency will hire you. After experience working in long term care, it is quite likely that any agency would hire you over a newly certified CNA. Get a home health aide certificate and you will be even more attractive to the agencies. And you can always work private duty if you can find a client to hire you. Good luck.

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I worked in home health as my first and only cna job. I learned a lot (lots and lots of baths and hygiene help were my main duties) and while geriatrics isn't my thing, it really solidified my choice to become a nurse. IMO it's probably easier than in an LTC or hospital.

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I am the Clinical Supervisor for a home health agency (I supervise all our CNA cases) and I'd hire you in a heartbeat if your background checked out. Your schooling is still fresh in your mind and you have -some- LTC experience. I think you'd be great.

I worked as a Home Health Aide for almost 2 years while in nursing school, and really enjoyed it. The schedule was flexible. I saw the same patients every week and got to know them pretty well. It's definitely a lot more laid back than LTC, but you would probably be taking a pay cut. It all depends on where you live. I know the agency I work for in Ohio is pretty desperate for Home Health Aides.

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Much of it depends on your state, so you may want to check with a few agencies to see what is required for a CNA or HHA in your area.

It depends on the agency, really. I took the CNA program with a woman that was already working as a NA before taking the class. Evidently, she had been hired and was then given a deadline that she needed to be certified by. Well, she already knew all of the skills, and most of the text, so she was a great student! Actually, we would all go in a little early so she could give us pointers before skill exams!

I say apply and go for it :)

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