what you can wear during the NCLEX

Nursing Students NCLEX


ok so for those that have taken the NCLEX i know they pretty much all but make you strip to make sure you are who you are and don't have anything on you that you can use to cheat.

My questions is though that in all the NCLEX tips it says to dress in layers i get really hot and cold during exams especially computer ones since my hand always goes numb from loss of blood circulation lol. What exactly are we allowed to wear a zip up jacket sweat shirt, long sleeve i don't want to bring a zippy and then be stuck in just a t-shirt if they take it away.

I brought a hooded zip up. They checked it and turned the pockets inside out. When i wasn't wearing it I had to lay it on the desk where I was sitting, I wasn't allowed to hang it on the chair.

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I wanted to treat the day like it was just an ordinary day,:nurse: so that i wouldnt flip out about taking the test. I wore a nice sundress and a cardigan sweater. The didnt check me at all, I had no pockets or anything so thats a good thing since it feels like your getting booked into prison with all the searching, and picture taking, and palm scan:no:

thank you very much... for my exit exam for school i tried the look nice feel good and confident thing... felt more uncomfortable than anything lol. Guess i'm a sweats type of gal. Especially since i get cold/hot/cold/hot during tests need a zippy so i'm glad that i can bring one... big day tomorrow trying to stay calm and not freak out:banghead::heartbeat:eek:

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